12 Sep 2019

i left school in 1975,was a virgin until i was 18.two fucks later i started going steady with a girl same age.

thats when we started experimenting, ya know all the first time stuff like her sucking me off, me licking her pussy.

her swallowing my cum and me licking her ass.

my parents were going away mid june for 2 weeks, YES 2 weeks of non stop fucking.being able to sleep together all night,fuck in the morning afternoon and night.yipeeeee

the week before we broke up. no going back no making up...DONE

so off my parents went leaving me alone. i went out on the first weekend hoping to luck.

so monday after work im watering the plants and our next door neighbour pops her head over the fence.

asking me if my parents got off alright and if i was ok.

alls well i said, you alone she asked?... no jackie staying with you?

no we broke up, so all alone im afraid.anyway,after a long chat over the fence it started getting chilly.

and it was me who was braking up our chat.

what you having to eat she asked?.. dunno i said,ill find something. would you like to share a chineese?

theres always too much for me and my son dont eat that kinda thing.

yeah ok i said, i will give you a shout in a bit then and off she went.

now let me tell you about my neighbour,she mustve been around 35,with a son of 9 yearsold.

quite fit,and i must admit to sneaking a glimse of her sunbathing in the garden,

smallish tits and small waist,and a big ass.

half hour later she knocked on the door...i was expecting her to pass a plate of food but no she was knocking fresh from bringing it from the chineese ....pop the kettle on she says... might as well eat it hear as her son was asleep in bed .

after we had eaten talking all the time and her asking loads of questions about my ex gf.

she said i bet you were gutted you couldnt have 2 weeks alone..i know i would be she said.

going on to tell me about her times as a teenager and taking all oppertunaties to be alone with her bf.

asking what kinda things we got up to and then what i would like to try more of the chat was getting very open and very horny.

i was sat in the chaire her on the sofa and she stood up and took my hand and pulled me to my feet.

her kiss was so erotic.then she sat me on the sofa and started to lift her long summer dress.

now i knew she wasnt wearing a bra, i took that much notice,but as the dress reached her pussy she had no knickers on either. plus she was shaved, almost bear... just the furry bit above her pussy the rest shaved.

my first shaved pussy.

she stepped closer and said just smell, smell my pussy. smell my pubic hair,and i was running my nose through it.

i started to kiss her pussy lips but again she said just smell.

then she sat on the edge of the sofa and i knelt between her legs,licking her pussy as i knew best.

she told me to finger her too,and 2 finger went straight in.she was so so wet.

she told me to aim to the right with my fingers and suck and lick her clit.

as i did so she put the palms of her hands just above her pussy and pulled back her hood.

the moaning got louder her legs got closer together then clamped around my head.

she came very loudly,my head trapped in her vice like legs.i could hardly breath i was slowing down my licking and fingering and she begged me not to stop... dont stop dont stop.

and another wave came and wow she screamed the house down.

working my way to an end she told me that was fantastic and kissed me tasting her cum on my lips and face.yes she licked my face and told me she could taste herself.. boy i was rock hard hearing this.

couldnt wait to fuck her now.

but she said... down tiger... i have to go now.... we will continue this tomorrow...


but off she went,,,, i wanked off twice that night

part 2 later