Written by Mephiston

7 Nov 2006

She worked her cunt round my cock and came again - I hadn't cum yet so I laid her on her back with her legs over my shoulders and shoved my cock back into her now sopping wet cunt and reamed her for all I was worth. I could feel the spunk welling up in my balls and she must have felt it too - 'come over my breasts and face' she said - - I pulled out and spurted cum all over her tits and face as requested. I lay behind her and held her tits for her as she licked the spunk from her nipples.

'You'll have to go ' she told me as she didn't want the neighbours to see me leaving in the morning so reluctantly I went home. I didn't see her or ring her for a couple of days then she rang me and said that she was sorry for being such a disappointment in bed that I hadn't wanted to see her again. I made a date to meet her at a pub not far from where she lived.

She was already there when I arrived - she was dressed in a white blouse displaying just a hint of cleavage and a wraparaound skirt. We sat in a secluded alcove and I told her that rather than being a disappointment in bed she'd been incredible and that I couldn't wait to repeat the experience - she replied that she'd forgotten how good it felt to have a stiff cock inside her and that she wanted it again too. While we were talking I'd slipped my hand inside the split in her skirt and was stoking her nylon clad thighs which she parted slightly to enable my hand to caress her inner thigh - sliding my hand along her thigh I discovered she was wearing holdups abd my fingers grazed the soft skin above them - this was making me rather horny and it appeared to be having the same affect on her as she suggested going back to her place.

Once back there - a very interesting journey as she was rubbing my crotch the whole way - we immediately went into the bedroom - I pushed her back onto the bed and flung her skirt open to discover not only stockings but that she was not wearing any panties. I pushed her legs open and back displaying her gaping cunt and tight brown arsehole. My tongue was in her cunt like a rat up a drainpipe exploring her innermost places, licking and sucking her juices. As my tongue played around her clit I slid 2 fingers into her cunt and explored her - my other hand moved up her body to feel those tits, to my surprise(and delight) I found that she was ahead of me and had undone her blouse, pushed her bra up and was playing with her own nipples.

We both managed to get naked and she knelt beside me and took the head of my cock into her mouth bathing it with her tongue as she stroked and squeezed my shaft and balls - 'give me a titfuck' I told her - 'whats that?' she answered - I told her to squeeze her tits together round my cock - I moved my hips urging my cock up and down the deep soft valley so formed - as the head reached her mouth she kissed and licked it.

I had to fuck her. I got behind her 'open up and let me in' I said - her thighs parted and grasping my shaft in my hand I forced the tip into her wet cunt - the angle was perfect and I slid inside - inch by inch until my balls were resting against the lips of her cunt. I then started to shag her slowly and deeply - she moaned and started rotating her hips slightly causing the walls of her cunt to massage my knob. I caressed the cheeks of her arse as I worked my cock in and out - my fingers slipped between them and touched her arsehole - 'that's nice' she said as the tip of my finger tickled her rosebud. Encouraged by this I moistened my finger with her cunt juice and pushed it a little deeper - 'mmmmmm - very nice' - I wondered if I could actually persuade her to let me fuck her there. I gently worked my finger in and out of her arse and felt it open a little - 'Can I fuck you in your arse? I asked - 'Alright - but be gentle' - my cock was out of her cunt and up against her arse in a flash. 'Hold your arse open' she grasped her cheeks and pulled them apart - applying gentle but firm pressure I pushed forward - god she was tight but at last

I managed to force the head of my knob past the rim of her arse.

I stopped and allowed her to get used to it before I gradually inserted more and more cock up her - her initial moans of pain began to give way to moans of pleasure and reaching beneath her I grasped her dangling tits and shoved , sheathing myself totally in her warm, tight anal passage. It felt incredible - the tightness was going to make me cum quite quickly so I seized her hips and really began to fuck her hard - she moaned, whimpered and began to second my thrusts - i reached down and found her clit - as I rubbed it she went wild and I couldn't prevent myself from blasting my spunk deep inside her arse.

More later