Written by oldmansslut

29 Nov 2006

since discovering SH i have lost count of the amount of anonymous cocks i have sucked and fucked. i am such a horny bitch i can't get enough

i was out with my straight mate (who also comes on SH) she was driving and i had been drinking heavily and were both very horny so we decided to go to a local dogging site. I was dying for some cock and so was she, so we pulled up in a car park where there was already about 5 cars each of them having one male occupant in each. i asked my friend to keep the headlights on and i walked to the front of the car, lay back on the bonnet and lifted up my micro mini skirt so that the guys in the cars could see my eager pussy.

it didn't take long for them to get out of their cars and come over to me, i shouted that i was gagging for some cock and could they help. i could hear my mate in the car shouting "me too !" one guy walked over to me and put his hand straight over my soaking wet pussy, he nibbled my neck and whispered in my ear " i am going to give you a damn good fucking" mmmm yes please i said. he fingered me a while longer while another guy got my tits out and was rubbing my nipples, both guys then bent me over the bonnet and the guy who whispered too me pushed his cock against my arse cheeks, i leaned back against him and his hand spread my cheeks so his cock was touching my wet pussy, he slid in easily. the other guy moved to the front of me and invited me to suck his 7 inch hard cock which i duly obliged. i just love to be spit roasted. we got a good rhythm going and i could feel myself about to cum. i heard moaning from inside the car as my friend got a roasting on the back seat, i later found out that she had both holes fucked by two guys,one under her and one behind.

my orgasm hit me like a steam train and my juices were gushing out of my pussy all over the gorgeous cock that was pounding me. i gripped him with my pelvic muscles and within seconds he had emptied his sac deep inside me and my deep throating of the other guy soon had him emptying his sac also, mmmm.... i love the taste of fresh cum.

it was time to swop places with my friend, so she moved to the front of the car and the guys that were fucking her stayed with me in the back of the car. my spunk filled pussy was licked out by two masterful lickers and i lost count of the times i orgasmed while my friend got fucked over the bonnet

we have arranged to meet these guys again and told them to bring some friends next time........i will post the story as it happens, in the mean time if any guys out there fancy a good time, cum find me. i especially like dirty old men who will treat me like the slut i am