Written by Fiona

20 Jul 2006

I have just had a fantastic experience down at Studland with my friend Pete(who was involved in the limmo story a few months back).

Pete owns a boat that he keeps down at Christchurch, and likes to sail across to Studland at the weekend. He invited me down last weekend as he said I would like to meet a new friend of his, Michaela. He said that she was 26, 5'8, slim and with small boobs and very bi, along with long black hair. And when they met me at Southampton Airport on Friday evening, I knew that I was going to be in for some fun as she was absolutely gorgeous.

Pete drove us to the boat, and we had a fun Friday and Saturday, but it is what happened on Sunday that I want to tell you about.

We keft Christchurch at about 8:30 and already it was hot so as soon as we had left port our swimmies came off and the sun tan lotion came on! It didn't take long for us to get to Studland and anchor just a little way off the beach. And what fun we had, the three of us together, naked on the boat, coupled with regular swims and strolls along the beach.

At about 3pm Pete said he would love to watch Michaela and I get fucked by a young guy, and why didn't we return to the beach and bring one back to the boat. Seemed like fun, so it didn't take long before we were both going over the side on a search.

(Are you hard yet?)

Michaela reached the shore first and as shw walked out the sea, she looked gorgeous, her long black hair wet down her back. She is shyer than me, so she was also wearing black bikini bottoms, but it felt fabulous as I walked out of the sea, stark naked but for a necklace, the water dripping off my nude body knowing that everything was on show and that there was lots of people to see it...

Michaela waited for me and I walked over to her and we started to hold hands as we began our search. It felt fantastic, knowing what we were upto an walking along the beach, getting quiet a few looks as not only were we holding hands but we were very close as well.

And then we saw him - a young guy on his own, on a big mat. Muscular, naked, and with a very attractive looking penis, maybe six inches soft and narrow, we decided he was the one.

And so we walked over. We decided to be brazen. "Hi - would you like to fuck us?" was our opening shot. At which point I thought he was going to die, and I saw his prick twitch as it started to harden. He soon regained his composure, and explained that he would have loved to but that, unfortunately for us, his girlfriend was swimming and wouldn't be impressed. So we said goodbye...

(Have you got your hand on your penis yet?)

Disappointed by a refusal, we continued along the beach. Until we saw a young guy, tanned, maybe 20, blonde hair, reasonable build and black trunks. We decided that he would be more of a challenge, and so went over.

We used the same opening again but this time, once he had overcome his shock and surprise, Stev (as we found out his name was) was more than up for it. We told him to leave his stuff on the beach, and he got up and walked along the shore in the middle of us, holding our hands as we went.

We drew broardly parallel with the boat and explained it was time to get wet, and we went back into the sea and swam to the boat. Michaela was first out, and then I climbed aboard, giving Steve a fantastic view of my sex as I got my leg over the sid. Pete came out on to the deck, naked, semi erect and getting bigger by the second.

Michaela and I helped Steve overthe side, and then we started to snog, a hand on each others boob as Pete introduced himself to Steve, whoi was having difficulty taking his eyes off us! We then pulled apart, and I went ove to Steve, and started to kiss him, my hand running down his chest until it reached his trunks where it gave his now hard dick a good rub. And then I put my hand into his trunks, feeling his penis and pulling them down to reveal him in 5 1/2 inches of erect glory.

As I wanked him, Michaela came over, removed her bikini bottoms and knelt down, moved my hand away and kissed the side of his shaft, then the tip and then, slowly at first, started to suck his weapon. I continued ot kiss and fondle Steves bum, and Pete was standing in front of us, pulling slowly away at his penis.

I moved awy, dripping wet by now both as a consequence of my swim and in a different way as a consequence of the eroticness of the situation, and lay against the side of the boat. Michaela moved away, and Steve came over and rammed his dick into my dripping slit as Michaela moved behind me and started to fondle my boobs. Pete came over and insreted his weapon into Michaela from behind and we started to move together, a foursome of moving groaning sex.

After a coupole of minutes, we broke up, and Steve now lay on the deck, and Michaela mounted him, alloining me to kneel above Steve's face giving his tongue access to my pussy, and my tongue access to Michaela's boobs. Pete stood to one sid, and started to furoiusly masterbate as we slowly fucked.

(Have you come yet?)

Pete was first to come, then Steve, leaving Michaela and I high and dry. Pete, being the perfect gent, went and got us a vibrator each and we both spread our legs in front of the guys as we finished ourselves off with the dildoes deep inside us.

After loud orgasms both, and after Steve had tossed himself off to us, we sent him back to the beach, becasue it was time for us to return to Christchurch.

Pete and Michaela returned to London but not before dropping me off at a hotel at Southampton Airport where I spent the night before getting my flight home on Monday morning. And what a fantastic day I had at work on Monday, explaining why i was late in, but not telling people the true reason why!!