Written by Alastair

18 Apr 2005

I sell kitchen appliances door to door for a US company . Mostly people are not interested but friendly. Recently I called at a door in the afternoon , it was answered by a youngish chap wearing skimpy white undies [Thong]. I said sorry , did I get you out of bed ? , he said no I,m just watching a video , can I help you ?, I said what I,m selling and he said do you want to come in. I followed him into his back room there was a video playing , at that moment two blokes were locked in an embrace , then they came apart and started to wank each others erect cocks , I was,nt sure where to look, he said oh sorry shall I turn it off , I said i,ve not got a problem with it. I opened my appliance bag and started my selling pattern , the room was very warm , I removeed my jacket . The video which I was trying to ignore kept getting my attention I could feel my cock getting erect, as i removed my jacket I noticed the young man glance at my bulging trousers , then I was aware that his cock was erect in his undies , he made no attempt to hide it , continuing to show interest in my appliances , occasionally playing with himself through his undies . I was fully erect and thought perhaps I should leave , I was now finding it hard not to sneak a look at his cock . He said I was just going to have a glass of wine , do you fancy. With that he stood up and went to the cabinet he stood with his back to me , his white undies diapearing between the solid round cheeks of his arse had my gaze as he turned with two glasses he walked towards me and as he did so his cock suddenly pushed its way above the waistband of his undies , he cassually put the glasses on the table and tried to return his cock to his undies with no success so he just removed them , I was litterally dumbstruck . He said do you want want to watch the end of this video with me before we carry on . My cock was hurting , this guys body was stunning , I had never had a gay experience but like most men I did wonder , particularly when I,m wanking I have imagined wanking with another chap. I am sweating now , he notices and very cassually removes my shoes , then he is kneeling before me undoing my belt I make no attempt to stop him , he undoes my zip and his hand slides inside and starts to feel my erect cock through my briefs , I feel myself trembling all over , he slowly lowers my trousers and I step out of them , he stands and undoes my shirt the smell of his naked body is unbelievable as he stands close to me , I am naked except for my undies, he holds me close I can feel his cock against mine, our cocks are caressing , then he sinks to his knees and gently removes my undies and as I step out of them he takes my cock in his mouth holding and fondling my balls , I have to pull away as I nearly shoot my load , he smiles at my dilemma and stands gently wanking himself as I compose myself . In control again he takes my hand and places it on his cock , my first time , I automatically start to wank him as he very gently starts to wank me again . He is moving m head towards his erect cock I don,t know if I can do this , I am aware of his precum I touch it with my tongue I like the taste my tongue starts to explore his bellend it is red hot , I take his balls in my hand and begin to explore , he moves his cock to my lips my mouth is open , he moves his cock between my lips I suddenly want it all , I take as much as I can into my mouth and start to devour him , he is holding my head firmly and is fucking my mouth , I feel his cock swell even larger I am suddenly aware what is going to happen next , I feel the hot fluid pump in my mouth I feel his cock spasm as he empties his spunk bag .My mouth is full I have to swallow ,then I am sucking every last drop from him ,his limp cock leaves my mouth , he quickly has my cock in his mouth again he sucks furiously I dont wait around I let go everything I,ve got, I am shooting like fuck , I unloaded more spunk than I can remember. Equally drained we both clean up and finish our wine as I show him some more appliances as we both sit naked on his couch.