Written by complaints dept

30 Jan 2004

In my job i deal with alot of customers complianits, and one day i had this really terrible man to deal with, he was complaining about the service he had received from us regarding a faulty item , there were raised voices and if he had not been so damn gorgeous id have slapped him or walked away, but I argued my case with him but was getting no where, when suddenly he asked me did we have a public toilet, i said yes we did and showed him to it. he said there was no toliet paper in it so as to avoid any more confrontation I agreed to get him some, as i entered the toilet to renew the toilet roll he shut and locked the door, he then grabbed me, I asked what he was doing but not trying to get out, he said he had felt an electricity between us whilst arguing and was desperate to act upon it, what can i say girls he was fucking gorgeous, I let him kiss me, my neck and undo my shirt,my nipples were standing on end, my pussy so wet it was dripping, wanting him to finger me, ......... fuck me the tension was electric,...... i wanted him to fuck me there and then, I suddenly heard the toilet handle go and i jumped, were we going to be caught out, he didnt care it was my job on the line not his, much to his delight, he pushed my head forward and tore at my knickers, you and your company deserve this he said, and i couldnt have cared i just wanted him to fuck me ..... he beny me over and fucked me from behind and damn it was so hard..... he took all his anger out on me, pulling my hair and slapping me so hard, calling me a slut and slag and how he was going to fuck me senseless, his cock rammed up me so hard I had to scream out in pain, but this customer wanted more, he came out of my slippy wet creamy pussy only to shove his big cock up my ass, now i love anal sex and this was heaven to me, but i did not want him to know this, he fucked me so hard I came alomost instantly, and so did he, exploded inside me so hot and lots of it, then with no apology he pulled up his pants and opened the toilet door, on his way out he said forget the complaint as he thought he had been paid in full..... if anything id been given a good seeing to, and was amused at this as id had so much fun and not had to give him a penny back as refund, but what he would say to his wife when he returned home, i do not care, but i had the best shag at work id had for ages and ive had a few.... so gents come and complian to me all you like, but dont forget, ask where the toilet is.....!!!!