Written by joe

29 Dec 2003

I was driving home last night from a friends house it was late about 1130pm I was passing a phone box with a young lady waiting looking quite damp in the pouring rain, i do not know what amde me stop but i did to ask her if she was allright ? She told me she had missed the last bus and was trying to call a taxi but none was available.So i said were do you live she told me and it was not to far out of my way so i said i would give her a lft because of the pouring rain. Her name was libby and she was 18yrs old as we drove along i could smell the perfume on her and she looked good in her short skirt and boots.I put some music on in the car and she got quite warm and chaty and said thanks is there anything i can do for you ? well i paused and thought yes you could fuck me,libby must have read my thoughts as she moved her hand onto my groin she could feel my cock stiffen through my jeans,libby looked at me and said im game if you are! So i drove to the back of a warehouse i know and parked up.we undressed and i fingerd libby while she went down on my cock and sucked him up hard i could feel my load cumming and shot into libbys mouth she looked up and smiled and swollowed the lot, i pushed her back in the seat and got between her legs and started to lick her cunt she was wet and i said this to her she replied that her boyfriend had fucked her before me Wow my cock sprang back into life as i licked the spunk from her cunt. After bringing her off she said fuck me now! i put a condom on and pushed my cock into her cunt and started to ride her hard she was moaning and holding onto me squeezing me with her cunt muscles, i began to lose my hard on but said to libby can we fuck doggy so she opened the car door and put her arse out so i got out and went round to her side of the car and entered her doogy i was fucking her like this for a while when i said can i fuck you bareback she paused and then said go on! i pulled the condom off and entered her doggy again bareback my cock was rock hard as i could feel her boyfriends spunk in her it did not take me long to shoot my load into her cunt it was great to have fucked suck a horny young slut.We dressed and i drove her home,It was only then that Libby told me she normally charges £30 for sex! I said fuck me are you on the game and she said yes i am a prostitute and work three nights a week. As i dropped her off i said i may look out for her again when it rains and get another freebee,she laughed and went indoors.I went home and had a wank over what had just happened before showering and going to bed. This did happen last night and im gagging for more !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!