Written by Ambiguous

19 Jul 2006

This is a story from when we were younger and before we were married and we used to share with another couple. We are still amrried. I am Gary and my lovely wife, Karen just gets sweeter and sexier as we get older. We are both 45 now and still enjoy each other to the full. The other day I bought her a Bracli pearl thong. She loved it and I have been hard ever since. But that's another story.

We were drunk, it was late and we started slow dancing with some friends that we had become quite close to. They were living in a studio apartment so there was no differentiation between the living and sleeping areas. We danced (Grace Jones I seem to remember...that dates it!) and we all got aroused. As we were smoochy dancing, I kissed Fiona and to my surprise she responded by putting her tounge in my mouth and grinding her pussy against my, now growing, cock. Karen was doing the same with John. Fiona and I "fell" on to the futon and I carried on feeling up her body and pulling up her top. She had no bra and small pert breasts, unlike Karen who has a lovely full chest, and I kissed her on her very erect and long nipples. I could see that Karen was getting off as she passionately kissed John. He had lifted her skirt and had his hand on her ass and I think his fingers were stroking her pussy.

I looked over at Karen and she just rolled her eyes as if toy say "your shout". Well, neither of us needed much encouragement and so I started kissing Fiona down her front until I reached the top of her panites. I was shaking with anticipation, but she didn't resist as I then planted kisses over the front of panties and then down her cleft. I could smell her musk as I sucked through the gusset before pulling it to one side to expose her lovely pink and swollen slit. I played for ages and she responded by grinding her pussy into my face before coming in a very wet and loud climax.

I was so hard by then that I could have drilled a hole in the floor. Karen was recieveing the same treatment from John and it was deeply erotic to see my lovely girlfirend being stimulated by my best friend. By the look of his cock, he was enjoying it as well! Karen started making the noises that I knew meant that her orgasm was close and soon she bucked and moaned as John managed to finish her off big-time.

Both girls just lay there still and silent for a while. Their bodies so different. Fiona was quite petite with small breasts, as I mentioned before, but also a very sweet looking pussy with small neat lips unlike karen who has very large and full labila that wrap round my cock as I slide in and out of her. Which brings me on. I wanted Karen so I mooched across to her and ran my fingers up her soaked pussy. She was very wet and I just rubbed my cock over her slit before she reached down and guided me into her. John and Fiona stared wide-eyed as the looked at Karens meaty flaps engulfing my cock.

I could see that John was not as big as me and so I guess both couples were well suited. John did the same for Fiona and soon we were both watching each other make love.

We never repeated that experience despite remaining friends with John and Fiona for many years. We often visited naturist beaches together like Studland on the south coast of England and many times I looked at Fiona lying in the sun rembering what had gone on. Both girls were quite adventurous and were never shy about being naked in public. They would romp about and play in the sea. It was a lovey sight to see two beautiful women, completely different in stature and poise, laugh, run around and play like kids together. They were great friends. This was the early 80s, and I remember that they once both shaved their pussies, almost unheard of in England in those days, and got a LOT of attention on the beach the next day, possibly also because John and I were also so aroused by this "new" thing that we spent the day semi-hard on the beach. I think the passers by thought that the girls were about to suck our cocks at any moment!

We had holidays together in SW France, again nude most of the time, but somehow the moment never seemed right. We kind of almost joked about it. The four of us would share communal showers where we would soap each other up, John and I both sporting very erect cocks, but it always ended with us going back to our own tents and pleasuring our own partners. Whilst there was a lot of laughing and romping, the girls, nor the boys, took the initiative to make it go any further.

It is great to have had this experience and I am sure that, one day at the right time and place we will repeat that lovely time that we had together.