Written by fintangold

8 Jul 2006

We were work colleagues. Mags worked in my office as part of a women's return to work programme. She was not beautiful in the conventional way but she had a wicked sense of humour and a slim body despite having four children. Tea breaks were a laugh and it is a wonder that work ever got done. One day, in a more serious mood at tea break, she asked me if I believed men and women could ever be real friends! It was a strange question but I did my best to answer, which was yes.

Months later and it was coming up to the end of Mags work placement with the company. One day she was off sick and for the first time I thought I really missed her! Now I realised that my thoughts and feelings for her were not strictly matey. We went to lunch one day about 3 weeks before she was due to leave. It was a small greasy spoon cafe. When she finished eating I suddenly said lets go back to my place for coffees, I'm sure I can do better than this! She looked into my eyes, smiled and said that would be nice.

We lived in a terrace house and the kitchen was at the back overlooking an enclosed yard. As I put the kettle on she followed me into the kitchen and stared blankly out the window. I stood a yard behind her my heart suddenly pounding in my chest. It was now or never. I tapped her lightly on her right shoulder and she turned around. I just put my arms around her, pulled her close and kissed her. Thank god she reciprocated and our tongues met in a slurpy knot of fevered exploration. I said to her when we broke apart, "You know, I'm really going to miss you." She just smiled and walked back into the living room. I poured our coffees and joined her.

For a while we sat on opposite seetees drinking our coffees. I babbled on about work things. She finished her coffee first and put her cup on the carpeted floor. I got up, reached down and retrieved it and walked into the kitchen. I washed and dried the cups and put them away, I didn't want my wife knowing we had been home during the day! At this point I knew I would not be satisfied by one kiss.

I joined Mags on the seetee and leaned forward and kissed her once more. This time her tongue reached into my mouth and immediately I had the most powerful erection I ever experienced. As we kissed she gently lay backwards so that I was leaning over her. I could no longer contain myself. My right hand began feverishly exploring her body, her bare arm, waist and then her left leg. Slowly my hand began pushing the hemline of her dress upwards until I could feel her panties. She groaned beneath me and adjusted herself so that I could feel her crotch. My fingers slid over her mound and she groaned some more and pressed her body upwards to meet me.

My hand now moved up her body once more while all the time we tasted each other with our mouths. I pulled and pushed her blouse up until I could see the small cups of her lacy bra. I pulled the left breast free and saw that Mags had the largest, thickiest erect nipple I had ever fingered! I broke away from kissing her and took the nipple between my lips. She leant backwards and groaned even louder. As I sucked I used my now free hand to wrestle undone the bottons of her blouse. Mags, seeing my struggle helped and I knew she desired me as much as I lusted after her.

I just tore her bra free and squeezed the other breast and nipple whilst still sucking and slurping on the original. Man they were big nipples! She had small breasts but she later told me that all four children were breast fed and that she just loved having those nipples sucked! Now I turned my attention once more to her panties and as I fingered and rubbed her vagina through the wet cotton she suddenly shifted and raised her bottom. I needed no better signal and quickly I tugged them free. We breifly broke apart so that I get them over her knees and pull them free.

I was now staring between her legs at her vagina the lips all puffed red and gaping. Mags had a large thatch of curly black pubic hair but she had neatly trimmed the vagina so that it was largely naked. I pushed two, then three fingers in and she squirmed and moaned audibly. I sucked on her nipples, I sucked on her face as I thrust my hand in and out. As I curled my fingers I could feel the hand slowly go in futher with each wet thrust.

Now I was kissing her belly, stretch marks and all and then I was slowly lapping around her button hood. The clitoris swelled like a rose to the sun and within minutes she was wracked by an all consuming orgasm and my face filled with her pubic hair and musky aroma as she stretched ever backwards her muscles spasming uncontrollably.

I was exhausted but also exhalted even though we both knew then we had crossed the rubicon.