Written by rob

7 Jun 2004

In the mid 70s I lived in Amsterdam with my then girlfriend, now wife.

One afternoon we were layed naked on the bed fondling each other in foreplay when she notice that in a window in an opposite flat on a floor higher a guy was watching us.

I said lets give him a treat and so carried on with me shortly going down on her to give her oral.

Then we noticed he had his prick out and was wanking whils he watched.

He was close to the window and we had a good view of him as he must have had of us so we carried on getting more involved and turning 69 we had oral together.

He was obviously drooling by now so my girl said why don't we invite him to watch close up, as we were both turned on by this.

I stood up and went to the window and motioned him to come down and meet me in the foyer.

I dressed and went down and after about 10 minute he came into the hotel lobby.

He was about 25 to out 45s and I told himto follow me. He didn't speak hardly any English but he got the message and we went back to our room.

We entered to find +++++ still naked on the bed with her legs wide apart.

I stripped off quickly and lay beside her and we resumed our action.

He stood beside the bed with the most obvious hard on bulging his trousers.

I reached over and slowly took his belt and zip and dropped them.

+++++gasped as she saw his at least 7 inch fairly thick weapon and reached over me to get a grip on it.

I told him to strip which he did quickly and then pulled him onto the bed with us.

We both grabbed his tool and took turns sucking it.

Eventually he pulled back and indicated he needed a pause so I pointed to +++++ and motioned him to fuck her.

He dropped over her and entered her without any effort deep into her making her gasp.

He then immediatly started pumping hard and fast with +++++ gasping and grunting under him.

He only took about 15 or 20 strokes and then with an almighty push at the same time grabbing her arse under her and pulling her harder onto him and him deeper into her he came, jabbing hard at each throb until he was sated.

I stood watching all this and as he came my spunk jetted out without me even touching myself.

He lay for some 30 40 seconds then eased off her and stood up.

His prick slowly sagging and him looking very embarrassed.

We told him best we could that we had really enjoyed the afternoon and if he saw us he could come again, so to speak.

We never saw him again, the room opposite was later occupied by a young couple of Americans for the rest of the time we were ther.

We tried to give more demonstrations, the bloke watched usonce but we never saw her so nothing came of it.