Written by KandA

23 Dec 2004

I’m a new writer here, and must say that this seems to be much better than Adult Friend Finder, where so many of the people listed are fakes or wannabes of one sort or another, and much of the writing is barely literate. So I think I’ll stay around, if you’ll have me.

I thought I’d share some of our experiences with you. As a small teaser I’ll just say that my lover, Alicia (not her real name) and I have come a long way over the past three years; we started out merely as passionate lovers in an illicit affair but, as I say, we’ve come a long way. Two weeks ago I found myself tied up and blindfolded on a chair while Alicia made love to another woman on the adjacent bed. The other woman was a slave to her master who was also present and who was the ringmaster for the event. As a finale I was caressed by the other woman who was standing behind my chair, while Alicia sitting on my lap facing me was bounced firmly up and down on my erect cock by the “master” who was standing behind her. Alicia and the other woman were kissing above my head so that my face was pressed against Alicia’s breasts as she nuzzled her new lover. I’ll leave it to another posting to give you full details of our gentle initiation into B&D. For now I’ll tell you how it all started.

I’m as happily married as many people, and happier than most. After nearly 30 years my wife and I have a reasonably comfortable and loving relationship, but one of the reasons for the stability is that we have managed, by and large, to put up with each other’s failings. One of the things I’ve had to accommodate is a vastly different sex-drive. For most of our marriage I was always the initiator of any lovemaking, and more often than not I’d be rebuffed – a common recipe for friction. I was completely faithful – and very frustrated - for the first ten years and then a change of job altered many aspects of my life and I had a couple of one-night stands, followed by a love affair with a beautiful and exotic woman, which finally drove it home to me that I could indeed be attractive to other women. Sadly my lover died. I had a couple more brief flings followed by a second passionate but ultimately very painful love affair, which convinced me that it was time to hand up my condoms and dildos for good.

I work mostly from a home office and needed a new assistant. Within the first couple of months of starting work for me Alicia and I had revealed to each other our sexual frustrations within our marriages, and learned that we’d both had affairs, but that neither of us was currently involved with anyone else. Over the weeks our conversation become increasingly intimate, but I for one resisted taking things further – I need a good assistant more than a fuck (my libido had almost atrophied because of lack of exercise).

One day Alicia was in obvious pain from her back and neck and I offered her a massage – I am quite talented, intuitive, I suppose, at Shiatsu-type massage – which takes place clothed I should say to anyone who is interested. I worked on her back and within a few minutes she was sighing as waves of relaxation washed the tension away. I then worked on her hips and buttocks before working down her thighs. She was wearing jeans and I deliberately came within a hair’s breadth of her crotch as I massaged her; as I did I could feel the heat radiating in waves from her pussy. Every now and then she would press her hips against the floor and I could feel and see her buttocks clenching as she did so. She later told me that she was within an ace of grabbing me and demanding that I screw her then and there.

But I was enjoying teasing her and relishing the effect my probing fingers were having. I continued the massage down her legs, undoing the painful tension I felt there, then turned her over for a face and head massage after which I put a blanket over her so she could relax properly and went to wash my hands. She felt hugely better after this.

When we returned to the office we talked realistically about the pros and cons of having a sexual relationship and the possible impact it might have on our families and our work. We decided that recreational sex on a regular basis would be good for us both. I’ve heard the expression “fuck buddies” used for such relationships, and although ugly, it fits.

The next day as soon as she came to work we went to bed – both of us in a very aroused state. When it came her orgasm was the most powerful I’d witnessed in a woman; she ended up on the floor in a semi-comatose state for a couple of minutes! This, by the way, from a woman whose husband believes her to be frigid, thus clearly demonstrating, I think, that frigidity is in the eye (hand tongue and dick) of the beholder. :o)

After that we jokingly agreed that it should be a condition of her contract of employment that she should come to work in a skirt and no knickers – happily it quickly became a tradition. We would have wonderful sex just about every day, and sometimes several times a day, with her favourite position being shagged from behind whilst leaning over her desk. We have one-way glass in our office windows and it was very exciting one day when workmen were nearby to see them working less than two feet away whilst we were going at it like bunnies.

That’s all for now. But my next posting will take you a bit further along our adventurous path that has led us to MFM, FFM, MFMF in just about all the permutations you might imagine. We’ve met some truly lovely people along the way and I for one have discovered a lot about myself.

Thanks for reading