2 Feb 2019

Welcome to my first scribblings of an erotic story. All my stories come from stories we use in the bedroom about our fantasies as we enter the lifestyle. My partner says I should write them as they obviously do the trick in our own life.

We recently purchased some fun bondage equipment, you know, the usual blindfold and restraints (that but is true). In this fantasy, we set the mood with some light music, bath and a nice glass of wine to loosen the inhibitions. As we head upstairs, I whisper in her ear that tonight we will use our new acquisitions.

I start by binding her arms to the bed, then her legs, spread wide enough to make her already moist cunt lips part to reveal her slowly engorging labia and clitoris. Finally her blindfold goes on, shutting out the light from her eyes to enhance her senses. I run my fingers up and down her thighs purposefully missing contact with her beautiful, freshly shaved pussy which is slowly glistening more and more. My fingers start gently winding further up her body sending shivers across her body as they trace her tummy and slowly make contact with her breast. Teasing her as I circle her nipples then gently kissing each one.

Now before the night had started I had already made contact with a nice couple on SH who matched our profile and who I thought would be the perfect couple to give us the first ever taste of another couple. More importantly my partners first ever girl in girl experience. We had agreed that they would arrive at 2000 and use the key I had already put in an agreed hiding place, and let themselves in quietly.

Now the time had come, she was getting more aroused as I teased her tits and again moved my fingers back down to her, now, wet pussy. In time her reactions were getting more animated, her groans louder as her pleasure moved up a notch.

As the door opens quietly I see the couple stood there with a nice smile and already, as agreed, undressed and ready for action. Now I take a step back and watch as the lady runs her fingers up my partners thigh, this time her finger tips make contact with her lips and brush the hood of her clitoris sending a shockwave up her spine and a gasp. Still unsure if she has any idea of wha is happening the lady moves her mouth towards her cunt and with a warm exhale gently blows over her pussy then follows it with a long slow lick from bottom to top holding on her clit for a second. Still my partner shows no sign of suspicion or distaste to what may be happening.

The lady is now sending my partner towards her first orgasm as she treats my partners pussy to one of the most amazing, tender sessions I have ever witnessed. All the time I am watching in disbelief with my cock as hard as rock with the ladies partner also enjoying the view.

A quick nod and he approaches her head with his cock, a little bigger than mine and clean shaven. Will she realise now what is happening to her? He teases her lips with his head, and for a moment you can see her body language change sensing this is not right. If I am licking her how can I be offering my cock, unless it’s 69 but she’d feel the movement. Without another second of hesitation she wraps her lips around his glistening head and circles it with her tongue. I think she is checking the cock for the same features as mine, at this point I think she realises that firstly, I am not the one giving her the most amazing pussy lick, but secondly, this is most definitely not my cock. With that realisation she takes his cock in her mouth and enjoys every minute of its feel in her mouth.

I am stood, cock in hand, my ultimate fantasy playing out in front of me. A gorgeous couple paying my partner attention and bringing her to repeated orgasms as wave after wave of pleasure surges through her body. After about 10 minutes, another knowing nod and he withdraws his cock, much to her sadness, and his partner eases off her clitoris. Swopping over, he positions himself between her legs and offers his cock to her now soaking pussy and it slides in effortlessly sending her towards an immediate orgasm as she realises she is now being fucked by another man. The dreamy look on her face tells it’s own story, she is in heaven, now his partner, after positioning herself over my partners face slowly lowers her own pussy towards my partners face. The sweet smell must have hit her as she senses what is waiting for her.

Instead of waiting, she lifts her head upwards towards the beautifully smooth open pussy lips and with her tongue tentative explores the pussy above her. As her tongue makes contact, her first ever taste of another woman, it’s like she has a magnet in her tongue as the contact is instant and her mouth is instantly latched on, tongue exploring deeply in to her sweet tasting pussy, full of juice.

Although it’s a new experience the reaction of our guest intimates she is hitting the right spots. This goes on for a few minutes and as another wave of orgasms surge through her body, I can sense he is about to fill her with his sperm. After a few more deep thrusts he visibly shakes and floods her pussy with streams of warm spunk. His partner eases off her face, and as I remove her blindfold she sets eyes on our guests. With a beaming smile and a body pulsing and purring, she looks at me with a look of thanks. The lady, has already returned to my partners pussy to lick her clean of her partners cum as it flows out.

As I undo her restraints she rolls over and asks me to lie down and takes my now throbbing cock in her mouth, joined by her now new best friend. I watch as they both pay my cock attention alternating between shaft and balls. It takes my strongest resilience not to let go. He now starts to fuck his wife as they take me to the limit. But I need to fill my partner, so I get her on her knees and plunge my cock deep into her pussy feeling her juices mixed with remnants of his cum.

Finally, he withdraws his cock and repositions himself so my partner can actually see what she was sucking earlier and devours his cock as I fuck her. As I am about to finally shoot my load I sense he is too. With a nod we synchronise our release and fill both her cunt and mouth with cum. We all fall in a heap cuddling our partners to gather our energy and contemplate on what’s just happened. My partner gives me a kiss and whispers in my ear, “thank you, I love you”.

Like I said this is my first ever story base done on our real fantasies. Fantasies we would love to fulfill as we experience what swinging has to offer. Who knows it could be you! Let me know your thoughts and if you like it I may write more.