Written by Janine and Malcolm

12 Nov 2004

My partner Janine and I have been together for sometime now.Over the years in our relationship we had tried most things,oral,anal,mild bdsm,roleplay etc.but sat in bed the other week we both agreed that perhaps we should take it a step further.Discussing what fantasy it should be,we both agreed that bringing a third person into our bed would probably be the safest for the time being.

Not knowing anybody close in whom we could trust and slightly disagreeing over whether our guest should be male or female,we put the idea on hold.

"I know,lets put an add on the web inviting both sexes and see what replies we get?"offered Janine.We duly placed an add in both "couple seeks male" and "couple seeks female" sections and sat back to await the outcome.

Within days we had received several responses to both.As most were from people that lived to far away or had some perversion,we began to whittle the remainder down till we were left with one from a guy called Paul.From his picture and brief history he looked very acceptable.Janine asked if I minded it being a male instead of a female.I assured her I was ok and that we should contact Paul and arrange a meeting face to face as soon as possible.

Luckily Paul was free that Friday,so we arranged to meet at a local inn over a couple of drinks to see if we got on.

Paul arrived and made his way over to us,"Janine & Malcolm I presume"as we introduced each other.For the next hour or so we warmed to each other and whilst Paul went to the gents Janine and I agreed that it was on for the night.

We hurriedly retired back to our house where after a few more drinks to loosen the nerves we asked Paul as novices what we should do next.

"Well I think we should loose the clothing for starters,secondly decided where the action was to take place"Paul said taking command,"you said you wanted me to join you in your bed I beleive."

Taking our drinks upstairs we all entered our bedroom where Paul,taking the lead began to undress.Janine followed removing her dress to reveal her black basque, matching thong,stockings and suspenders.I was next to strip.Paul said Janine should leave her underwear on as it was a great turn on.Finally both Paul and I were naked,Janine and I shot him a glance to see that Paul was already sporting a semi hardon and that his cock was at least 8 inches long.Janine reached out to touch it,slowly she began to wank him,soon he was fully erect,dropping to all fours she began to lick at the precum that was forming on the end of it.Encouraged by Paul she the began to take him into her mouth devouring more and more at each stroke.Meanwhile I had wanked my own cock to hardness and positioned myself behind Janine and pulling her thong aside,effortlessly slipped into her now wet pussy.Between our rythmic thrusts Janine was moaning with pleasure.Paul fucking her mouth and me fucking her pussy.He was the first to cum,sending his warm seed into Janine`s mouth,this triggered her to a noisy climax which inturn relased mine.Round one was over so we moved onto the bed.

I lay there recovering whilst Paul moved slowly over Janine placing kisses along her body as he made his way down her to upper thighs.Spreading her legs he buried his face into her hairless cunt and with his tongue started to lick out hers and mine mixed cummings.Janine was soon in the throws of another orgasm and thrashed and moaned wildly before passing out.Paul raised himself and kissing her on her open lips deposited the cum into her mouth.Watching this made my own cock stir,Paul noticed too,and leaning over took hold and started to wank we very slowly.Feeling adventurous I reach for him and we were soon laying side by side enjoying each others cocks in a mutual wank.Paul asked if I had even been with a man before.I said only the usual schoolboy episode years back,seeing who could shoot the most cum behind the bikesheds,where one boy had as a dare sucked me off."would you like to try it with me?" he asked.Well this was our special evening and Janine and I had agreed anything goes.I nodded to Paul that I was,adjusting his postion so that his head was next to my hips,he said it was so that I could watch and enjoy at the same time.

Paul then began to slowly kiss the whole length of my cock before taking it into his mouth.With the rthymic movements and delicious use of his tongue my head began to swim.Not surprisingly when Paul pushed his own cock towards me I had no hesitation in returning the pleasure.His precum had a slightly salty taste,gradually accepting its flavour I proceeded to feed his cock into my mouth.Being a virgin at this I tried to emulate the feelings I was experiencing on my own cock upon Pauls.We seemed to be locked togther for sometime before I felt my climax build and unload into his mouth,Paul continued to suck me till he had received and swallowed it all.Giving it my all I too continued to suck on Pauls cock till suddenly my mouth was filled with a warm burst of his cum,I swallowed it down only to find yet another load being pumped into my mouth,this too went the way as the first.Finally Paul slipped his cock out of my mouth and returned alongside me and planted a full blown kiss on my lips."We could take this further if you want" whisphered Paul,"You know man on man somewhere else at a later date perhaps"I said I would have to consider his offer carefully.

Janine began to stir,she apoligised for passing out putting it down to the amount of dutch courage she had consumed."Have I missed anything?what have you two boys been upto then?" she enquired.Together we both replied "nothing just chatting about football and the like".

Janine then insisted we both fuck her in turn before we went to sleep which we duly obliged.We fell asleep together with Janine the meat in the sandwich.

Before Paul left in the morning we both gave Janine another fuck each.

Whilst Janine was in the bathroom,I showed Paul to the door, he said he was very serious about his offer and that I could call him at anytime on his mobile.As I closed the door behind him Janine came down the stairs."well that was ok wasn`t it,we should try it again very soon"she said."Oh yes I think we should most definately" I replied hugging her close,my cock stirring with the thought of Paul.