Written by badgillgood

9 Apr 2006

My partner Kevin and I walked through the door not really knowing what to expect. We were met by Jim and Janet. Janet was not a small woman, infact she was, shall we say a little over weight, I was really attracted to her, as she was quite pretty and looked very sexy and horny in her black stockings and red and black suspenders, her perk nipples sticking out of the peep holes in her black and red bask, She looked like a real horny whore, I felt my pussy get hot and moist, my groin started to throb, at the thot of what was going to cum next. Never having been with a woman before, I shivered, I was really going to have this woman all to myself, and Kevin was going to watch as her and her husband Jim took me to the depths of total ecstasy.

Jim lead Kevin over to a chair in the corner of the room and gently placed a blind fold over his eyes, this was unexpected as he thot he was going to watch the whole thing, next he tied Kevin’s hands behind the chair, not too tight, enough that he could get the out when the time was right. I could see his cock go hard under his tight jeans as the became aware of what was to cum. Jim slipped Kevin’s jeans down, as he had no underwear on his hard throbbing cock bounced out, Jim, dressed only in a pair of silk boxers was starting to get very aroused himself, I could see he had a big manhood underneath. He took Kevin’s cock in his mouth and sucked hard just to tease him. Then stopped….Kevin has never been with a man before…….. My god what a day we would have. To be continued………………