Written by Mac

3 Apr 2006

We had been discussing our sexual fantasies for a while and both discovered that the idea of being watched fucking turned us both on. I also told her that I really wanted to see her with another guy too.

We were lying in the back garden a few summers ago, talking about it and getting quite turned on by the idea. Suddenly Mary stood up, topless, in just her bikini bottoms and took my hand.

I was quite surprised at this, because she usually takes great care to hide her beautiful body and 34dd tits from the neighbours. She has always been a little shy and selfconscious about her body. (Not sure why, as any of you who have met us would agree, she is gorgeous, 5'9" tall, long legs, short brown hair, brown eyes and a gorgeous sexy face.)

She took me to the patio area at the side of our house, which is a little more secluded with trees, but still in full view of the neighbours bedroom windows. She didn't say a word, just pushed me back against the wall of the house. She kissed me hard and automatically my hands reached up to play with her tits and her very excited nipples. Mary kneeled down and pulled my swimming shorts off, leaning in to me she started to lick and suck me, looking up at me as she did, she talked about the neighbours watching us and was getting really turned on, fingering herself as she sucked me, she then pushed me onto our picnic bench and stripped off her bikini bottoms before climbing on top of me and fucking me hard.

It didn't take long for her to cum and she let out a loud moan as she did, she climbed off and started to suck me as I sat up.

Well, as you can imagine, I was very close to cumming to and told her, she smiled sexily as she continued to suck me and I couldn't hold on any longer, my balls tightened as I felt it start and she sensed it to as she wanked and licked me until I came all over her smiling face.

We didn't see anyone watching us but hoped that someone had been.

Well after seeing how turned on this had made us both, we decided to give car park sex a go.

We had a family party to go to and had arranged for the kids to stay over night at a friends. Mary dressed sexy, short black skirt, black stillettos and a sheer black vest top with no bra, which she made respectable for the party by covering it with a black shirt.

We had a good night at the party and she had a few drinks to give her a bit of dutch courage. As we drove to our intended destination we set the ground rules, it was just going to be a show unless she wanted to go further.

The car park was at the end of a wooded trail and opened out into a big circle, as we turned in I could see about 5 or 6 cars dotted around the perimeter, all seemed to be guys on their own.

We parked up away from the others and turned our lights off. We let our eyes get used to the dark, leaving the engine running and the cd playing low.

Before long the light from the cd player was illuminating the car and I could see Mary was as nervous as I was. I asked if she was sure that she wanted to go ahead with it, keeping my fingers crossed that she would. She just smiled, kissed me and then took her skirt off, she leaned over, undid my trousers and pulled them down around my ankles, then to my surprise she reached up and switched the interior light on and off. This was it, no turning back now!

she started to suck me as I saw a few shadows moving in our direction, I told her that they were coming over and she carried on sucking me, a couple of guys stood by the drivers door window and a couple on the passenger side.

She smiled at the guys on my side and waggled her sexy arse at the others as she put a real show on for them, licking up and down and then smiling at them. She pulled away and made a show of taking her thong off to show the guys her freshly shaven and very wet pussy.

She climbed onto the back seat of our car and lay there, legs open fingering herself. Well I just watched her, she was loving the attention and putting on a great show. This was my wife, the mother of my 2 kids, fingering herself in front of 4 strangers, who were all wanking outside our car and loving it!!!

I climbed into the back and slid my cock into her, fucking her slowly as the faces at the window smiled at her. She started getting noisy and rubbed her clit as I fucked her. She pulled her top off and was now in just sheer black stockings and stillettos.

She reached above her head and smiled at me as she started to lower the window, I thought it would only be opened a little, but she opened it all the way. The cool air rushed in and her nipples grew even harder and more erect.

One guy reached in and she took his hand and guided it to her tits then a couple of others also reached in and started to play with them.

This looked fantastic from where I was looking and I kept fucking her as she enjoyed the other guys playing with her.

After a short time she changed positions and sat me back against the drivers side rear doorand got on all fours to suck me again.

She seemed to be really getting into it as she sucked me then she came up and kissed me, as she did she whispered that she was having both her holes fingered at the same time by the guys through the window.

I reached down to find two guys were fingering her pussy and another was probing her arse!I placed my cock by her pussy and felt a hand take hold of it and guide me back in, I wasn't sure whose it was and quite frankly I didn't care as she started to ride me again. I could feel a finger still in her arse and as I looked up she was opening the other window. 2 hard cocks were offered to her, she started to suck one as she fucked me, he didn't last long and started to breath harder, she took hold of his cock and stroked him into her mouth until he came in her mouth. She made a big play of swallowing it before doing the same to the other guy.

Seeing my wife sucking another guy so close up was enough for me and I started to cum to, filling her pussy. She then looked at me a little nervously, to see if I was ok with what had just happened, I just kissed her hard and long, tasting the spunk on her lips.

It was more than alright, this was my lovely shy wife turning into everything I had ever fantasised about.

It was the start to a whole new load of sexy experiences that we are both enjoying.