Written by Paul / Kerry

7 Dec 2004

Kerry my wife of 8 years has always had a very large sexual appetite but just lately our sex life is not what is used to be. We decided to go away for the weekend and try to re envigorate our flagging sex life. Anyway I booked a nice hotel just on the outskirts of the north yorkshire moors for 2 nights. We arrived on the friday around 4pm and checked in etc. We decided to have a quick drink in the bar and have a look at the restaurant menue before dinner. We were having a quick drink and generally chatting sat at the bar which had 4 stools set to one side. We were 2/3rds the way down our drinks when a couple came over and took the other 2 stools and were chatting away merily. We decided to have another drink as we had a bit of time to kill before dinner. I noticed girl next to Kerry kept glancing at her and smiling, Kerry always one to smile back out of courtesy. She looked to be around late 30's and had a really nice figure and nice smile. We began chatting about the usual things how long we were staying the weather where we came from etc. They introduced themselves as David and Michelle. We chatted for about 45 mins then made said we were off to get ready for dinner. Michelle asked if we woild like to join them for dinner that evening. We arranged to meet in the bar at 8 pm. We met in the bar and Michelle looked quite stunning in a long white figure hugging dress with low cut front and split up the sides.

We had a drink and went through to the restaurant. We had a lovely meal and a few bottles of wine and good company. After the meal we chatted and chatted and drank a little more wine. The subject eventually got round to sex and to my astonishment our sex life. I nearly fell off my chair when Michelle suggested we try swinging, and I really thought it was a dream when Kerry looked at me and smiled before saying that she would give it go if she knew how and where to start.

Michelle explained that they had swung several times and were members of a club in manchester and David produced a membership card.

To cut a long storey short after a few drinks in the bar and Kerry agreed that we would go to their room a nightcap.

We got to their room a chatted a little more then Michelle turned to me an asked if i would release the strap on her dress. I looked at Kerry and she smiled and nodded. I duly untied the neat but tight bow and out popped a gorgeous pair of tits. Steve proceeded to step behind and fondle them in front of Kerry. Kerry took my hand and whispered in my ear "are you OK with this?". I sort of smiled and half nodded still bemused by what was happening. Michelle dropped to her knees and released Davids dick which incidentally was more than ample in size and girth. She took in greedily in to her mouth. Kerry placed her hand on my crotch and smiled when she found my dick was as hard as a poker. She unzipped me and began to give me the best blow job ever. It was not long before I gave her my usual signal to stop as i was about to explode. She stood and sexily undressed in the middle of the room until she was just wearing a sexy bleck thong. Michelle began to stroke Kerrys body with me sat in a comfy char and Dave sat on the edge of a large 4 poster. Kerry soon got in to the swing of things with Michelle and put on quite a show for us. David stood and approached Kerry from behind placing one hand on her tits and with the other reushe her hair aside to kiss her neck. Michelle smiled at me took my hand and placed it between her legs and said softly "dont be shy". I gently rubbed her pussy which was very wet and soft. I placed one finger in her whilst watching Kerry giving Dave a BJ. Michelle took my hand and led me over to the large 4 poster on which Dave and Kerry joined us. Michelle lay on the bed and i began to give her oral, she tasted wonderful and was extremely wet, from my position i saw Kerry on all fours kiss Michelle passionately whilst Dave entered her from behind she gave out a gasp of appreciation. He began to pound her deeper and deeper all the time Kerry was groaning in delight. I never for one minute thought I would be so aroused watching another man fuck my wife. After a few mins Kerry let out a muffled groan as she came. Michelle was by now soaking wet and my chin covered with her sweet juices. I knew she wanted fucking and I was only too happy to oblige. I lifted her legs and placed them over my shoulders and slowly entered her. I began to pump as Kerry reached another orgasm. Dave began to moan and pulled his dick out and proceeded to spray a jet of spunk over Kerrys tits and chest. I continued to fuck Michelle for all I was worth. I was soon on the verge of coming and pulled out. Michelle took my dick straight in to her mouth and jet after jet of spunk erupted which was greedily swallowed by Michelle.

We cleaned our selves up and had a glass of wine and chatted a little more. It was 3am by now. We said we were off to bed and agreed to meet up for dinner again later that day.

Kerry and I went back to our room and had fantastic sex for what seemed like hours. Neither of us could wait to meet Dave and Michelle again that evening.