Written by Boddhi

20 Sep 2003

My wife and I (32) & (33) have often talked about swinging and during sex we often talk dirty to each other, telling each other how horny it would be to see each other being fucked by someone else. When it came down to it though we were too scared to admit that we REALLY wanted to do it. That was until we went on holiday to Cyprus with two friends of ours, James and Donna.

Donna was absolutely gorgeous, in fact, she could almost be my wife's twin, both having long dark hair and beautiful slim and petite bodies. I'd often fantasied about Donna but would never have admitted it to my wife!

One night we all had aload to drink and ended up going back to our apartment as we had some beers and wine back there. We sat there drinking and started to play truth or dare. Donna sat opposite me and I could see right up her tiny little black dress and it was obvious that she no knickers on. Her Cunt was shaved and looked really tight. This was making me really horny and my cock was beginning to get very hard.My wife noticed me looking and Donna knew it aswell. Anyway, Donna asked my wife a question which she wouldn't answer (Have you ever fucked another woman?) so my wife had to do a dare. Donna looked over at my wife smiling and said, "I dare you to take off your dress". My wife looked at me and I nodded my aproval. Slowly she stood up and slid her dress off both shoulders and down over her body. She had no bra and a tiny black thong but she'd been looking like that all day on the beach so I'm sure she thought 'whats the harm?'

James smiled as he lloked over my wife's gorgeous tits and I could see that he had alarge bulge in his trousers. Next it my turn to ask Donna a question so I chose the same one. Donna smiled wickedly and refused to answer so I chose the dare.

" Now I dare you to take off your dress!" I said, knowing that she had no panties on. That didn't bother though and she got straight up and pulled her dress down. My wife giggled as she looked at her friend and then her hand fell into my lap, feeling my cock. James looked over and saw my wife touching me up and smiled at us both. Donna sat back down and now it was my wife's turn to ask James a question and so she sat up and asked him if he fancied her. I was a bit shocked and gulped down alarge mouthful of beer to calm me down. James obviously refused to answer and so my wife said, "OK. In that case, I dare you to let Donna suck you off right here and now!" Donna didn't need any encouragement and she was straight over in front of a panic stricken James on her knees. She pulled open his flies and took out his bulging cock. Greedily she sucked it into her mouth and started to give him a blowjob. This made me wife horny as hell and in seconds she had my cock out, taking her deep into her wet mouth. I couldn't stop staring at Donna's fantastic ass as it bobbed up and down as she took James cock deeper and deeper into her mouth. James was watching us and looked as though he was going to cum at any moment. Suddenly my wife stopped sucking me and whispered into my ear, " I want you to fuck Donna". I didn't know what to do! I really wanted to fuck her but these were our best friends! " I cant" , I whispered back, " That's going too far!"

"watch me then", my wife said and slid off the couch and over behind Donna, sliding her hands over her cute little ass. Donna tensed for a second and looked behind her, smiling as she saw my wife. She went back to sucking James and my wife slid two fingers into Donna's wet pussy. Donna started moaning and pushing back against my wifes hand, wanting her to go deeper. I decided to take the plunge and stood up and took off my clothes. I kneeled behind Donna and my wife took hold of my cock and slid it into her best friends cunt. Then she lay on the floor on her back with her legs wide open and started fingering herself, watching us all the time. Donna was now screaming loudly and bucking against me, her tight pussy dripping love juice all over the base of my cock and balls. James got up and settled himself down on the floor between my wifes legs, pulled her panties aside and started licking her wet pussy. I could hear my wife panting heavily and moaning with delight and shifted Donna around so that I could watch. Suddenyl James pulled out of mwife and said, "I cumming". My wife scampered over to his cock and took it into her mouth just as he was cumming. That was enough to make me start to cum and so I grabbed Donna' hair, pulled her face around and shot inside her mouth. We all just lay there for a few awkward seconds before the girls went off to the toilet together to clean up. James and I got dressed and had another beer. Before long, they left us to it and agreed to meet for breakfast the next morning.

My wife and I agreed that it was a great experience but should never happen - little did we know what the next night had in store and how tricky this was going to turn out!