Written by Ian & Debbie

8 Oct 2003

My wife and I had been happily married for 10 years when this happened and had always shared all our fantisies but never taken it any further.

We had gone for a day out in Blackpool with another couple called James and Marie and a good time had been had by all. We all arrived back at our place at around midnight and opened a couple of bottles of wine and started to talk as old friends do. As we got drunker and the conversation got saucier, Marie admitted to us that she had never seen a porn movie. James asked if we had one we could show her and I put one on . The movie was one of my wifes favorites and I knew the effect it would be having on her. In fact I was hoping that it would make our friends horny so that they would go home and let me take my wife (Debbie) upstairs and fill her up.

After the movie however Marie wanted to talk about the cocks that she had just seen, admitting that they were the only cocks other than James that she had seen. At this point Debbie said I should get my cock out and let her see another in the flesh and that she wouldn't mind a look at James either. I looked at James and as he nodded we both faced the sofa the girls sat on and dropped our pants and pointed our semi hard dicks at them.

Marie was looking from one to the other with her mouth open but Debbie was looking at James stiffening cock and licking her lips, I knew in that moment that she was thinking about sucking it and the thought of her doing it nearly made me cum there and then.

After a few seconds of incredible sexual tension we zipped up and James looking straight at Debbie said we shown you ours what about yours. Debbie didn't hesitate for a second but stood up undid her blouse and uncliped her bra, with a slight smile at me exposed her tits to my old friend. She didn't stop there, but undid her jeans and sliding them and her panties of in one stood in front of my mate naked. He couldn't take his eyes of her and I was secretly so proud of her. Every eye now turned to Maria. Maria was wearing a summer dress that buttoned up the front and as she undid each button more of her pert little tits came into view. After a few second that seemed like an age, she stood there in just her panties. I took a step foward and felt her tremble as I cupped her brest, with my other hand I was feeling Debbies. I turned and invited James to feel the diffrence between the girls tits and he didn't need asking twice. Within seconds he was nuzzeling and sucking my wifes tits as his hands explored her hairless cunt. I was also wasting no time and within seconds all four of us were a naked writhing mass of tounges cocks and cunts.

My favorite moment was sitting on a chair as my best friends wife lovingly sucked my cock while I watched him sticking his long stiff cock into me wifes gaping slit(for anyone who hasn't watched his wife being fucked you don't know what your missing). As Maria sunk her self onto my waiting cock, I saw that even in the midst if fuckiing my wife James stopped for a second to see his wife penatrated.

After fucking Marie as long and hard as I could. I let her latest orgasam subside before emptying my balls deep inside her cunt. I looked over at Debbie just intime to see James pulling out of her sopping cunt and wanking himself over her. His first gout of spunk went right across her face and then the rest dripped all over her heaving tits. Marie crawled over to her and started to lick her husbands spunk of my wifes tits. After a few second of this I was hard and up her slit again.

The rest of the night and the following day is just a blur of sex, with wonderful moments like a spunk taste testing game invented by the girls sticking out from all that fucking.