Written by Shar and Steve

13 Dec 2004

‘Finished at last’, was the comment from Sharon as we finally finished the house. It was a Saturday afternoon and yes finally we had finished all our decorating, it was a momentous day.

‘Right then’ said Sharon as she started to clean up, ‘better get a move on or we wont be ready for tonight.’

We had arranged for a few of our friends to come round for dinner to celebrate our grand achievement.

As we were starting to get the place ready and start the food the phone rang, it was one of our friends who were coming around to help us celebrate.

‘Hi Sharon’ the voice on the other end said as she picked up the phone, ‘Hi Cath,’ replied Sharon. ‘Sorry to leave it late but we are not going to be able to make it tonight, sorry’, ‘oh that’s OK’ replied Sharon ‘I hope we can do it again some other time?’

I asked who was that, Sharon told me that Cath and Tom had pulled out tonight which only left Jo and Bill. ‘Never mind’ I said ‘at least they all haven’t pulled out.

Before we knew it, it was getting on, the food was nearly ready and Sharon was up stairs getting ready. She came down stairs looking fantastic, she was wearing a black skirt which just came above her knees, stockings and high heels with a black low cut top, it’s a shame our friends were coming round or else I would have taken her straight back up stairs.

The doorbell rang, I opened it and invited Jo and Bill in, they handed me a bottle of wine and I showed them to the front room. Jo and bill were both in their mid 30’s and very attractive, we have known them for about 4-5 years when we all met on a night out (Sharon knows Bill a little bit better, but that’s another story). Sharon came in and greeted them both with a kiss on the cheeks ‘it’s good to see you both again, Cath and Tom will not be able to make it tonight.’ said Sharon. I noticed them both look at each other, giving themselves a little smile when they heard that, which I thought was strange because they are both good friends with them both but I thought nothing more of it though.

We all caught up on what had been going on in each other lives since the last time we were together as Bill opened the bottle of wine they had brought with them. As the time went by we finished off the bottle of wine I brought out the food, it was only a buffet so I set it all up on the table. We all got to our feet and made our way to the table for something to eat.

Soon all the food was gone and it was back to the wine and our stories of what had been going on. Then it happened, Jo decided to bring up the night we all met, I started to laugh as I saw Sharon go red. It was a bit embarrassing for her. We were out on the town at a local night club, Sharon was a little worse for wear ( a little too much to drink I think you call it) , we were dancing together, I had to go for a drink, I told Sharon I’ll be back in a minute, she said ok and carried on dancing. As I came back she had disappeared, where had she gone I thought, must be in the toilet so I went to sit down, then out of the corner of my eye there she was, all over this over guy, ‘what the hells going on here’ I thought. There she was kissing and touching this other man. I went up to her and asked her what was going on? ‘Oh my god’ she said, ‘what am I doing, this is not you’, nice try I thought, I was not impressed. Then this other woman came over and said to Sharon ‘what the hell are you doing with my husband’, it was the woman we now know as Jo. Sharon could hardly stand up, it was clear to us all that a mistake had been made, one though Sharon would find she would never forget……….

After Sharon had come back to a normal colour she started to clear the table. She took the plates into the kitchen, Jo said she would help her as me and Bill carried on talking. ‘Sorry if I embarrassed you again’, Jo said to Sharon, ‘don’t worry about it, I get used to it as we hear it every time we get together’ replied Sharon, ‘I have learnt to live with it.’ Sharon said.

As Sharon was putting the plates in the sink she felt a hand on her back from behind her, she didn’t say anything as she thought nothing about it. Then the one hand on her back changed to two hands on each shoulder which started to move slowly down her arm’s.

‘What are you doing?’ Sharon asked ‘do you have a problem with it?’ replied Jo. Sharon said nothing but just stood there. Jo’s hands slowly moved down Sharon’s arms and back up again, ‘I have wanted to touch you ever since I saw you that night in the club’ Jo whispered into Sharon’s ear. Jo moved her hands from Sharon’s neck down slowly over her breasts, Sharon could feel her nipples harden as she felt Jo’s soft fingers touch them.

‘Do you want me to stop’ asked Jo, all Sharon could say was ‘no, please don’t’. Jo continued to touch her breasts, lightly at first but getting firmer as she went, Sharon could now feel herself getting wet but she was still frozen, she could not move. The shock and the pure excitement was keeping her still. By now Sharon was shaking with excitement and anticipation, even though Jo had only touched her breasts. She reached behind her with both hands to take hold of Jo and as she touched her she could feel herself cumming, even though she had only grabbed hold of Jo’s waist, it was the excitement of touching another woman sexually that had done it for her.

Jo slowly then moved her hands down Sharon’s waist and down her legs, as she got to her knees she slowly started to pull up Sharon’s skirt, revealing her stocking and suspenders. By now Sharon was soaking wet and Jo knew it, she turned Sharon around to face her, leant over and kissed her, this made Sharon cum again, sending shivers through her body, she was now finding it hard to stand up. Jo then bent down, got on her knees and lifted Sharon’s skirt up, which she told Sharon to hold. Slowly she pulled down her thong over her knees and down to the ground as Sharon stopped out of it. She kissed the inside of her thighs moving up to her wet pussy. Sharon did not know what was going to happen when Jo got to her clit but was getting ready for it. ‘You are beautiful, I’m going to enjoy licking your pussy’ Jo told Sharon. ‘Please hurry up’ replied Sharon as the one thing she fantasises about was finally going to happen to her. Slowly Jo started to finger fuck her, one finger at first and then two, slowly at first but then getting faster. ‘Do you want to taste what I am about to taste?’ asked Jo. Sharon said ‘Yes’. Jo took her fingers out of Sharon’s wet pussy and gave them to Sharon, she took hold of Jo’s hand and guided her fingers into her mouth. As she tasted her own juices, Jo started licked her clit, she sucked Jo’s fingers while Jo sucked her wet moist aching pussy. She let out a scream as she came all over Jo’s face, Jo was shocked at first at he amount of juices Sharon had but managed to lick them all up and continued to lick her out. Jo then started to move back up Sharon’s front, kissing her nipples as she passed them, all the way back up to her face where they both kissed again, this time it was different though.

‘WOW!!!!’ Sharon gasped, ‘that was amazing, far better than any fantasy, thank you’

‘No thank you’ replied Jo, ‘I have never done anything like that before but ever since the first time I saw you that was the only thing on my mind.’

‘Should we tell the guys what happened?’ said Sharon.

‘No not yet’ replied Jo ‘lets go and give them a night they will never forget’ she said looking at Sharon with a smile on her face.

‘OK, lets do it’ replied Sharon as she walked out of the kitchen with another bottle of wine in her hand and her wet knickers lying on the kitchen floor…………………….TBC