Written by Selsey

25 Apr 2006

To be honest I didnt think she would go for it - although she loved talking about having two men cum all over her - she said it was a fantasy she would never live out - she was scared it might change our relationship.

I found swinging heaven one day messing around on the internet and just began to have a mooch - she wasnt interested at all. So I read some stories, then stumbled into a chat room and watched some cam action. I got chatting to a single guy one day, and we talked about the situation, I would love to see my wife with another guy, she would love to do it, but she was just too scared.

He was pretty cool and advised taking things slowly and being honest - he said that if we wanted to arrange a meet for just a drink that was cool and maybe things could go from there.

As it was my birthday coming up we had arrnaged a sitter for the kids and plane an evening at really nice pub a few miles from home.

Mrs likes to dress procativley - she has fabulous tits, and doesnt mind low cut and see throughish tops with no bra - although she can be shy, she gets very turned on by guys looking at her. So I told her about our conversation and that we had said we would meet up for drink - to my delight she said ok. The next few days were wild, they were a mix of horney fun at the thought of what was coming up, and also lots of nerves, she changed her mind about 100 times that week. I knew she was gonna turn up though, when she agreed to me sending a picture of her lovely tits to the guy on my mobile. He was well chuffed.

So we went to the pub early and had quite a few drinks and eventually Chris turned up - he was a decent enough chap and he sat opposite mrs (we were in a booth so it was pretty private) After lots of talking about nothig Mrs finally brought up the topic of having some fun. She said she liked the idea, but we couldnt have any one back at ours (kids) and it was too cold for outside fun.

I found this all a bit horny, but a bit dissapointing, Chris was cool with it all, eventually I said, get your tits out and show Chris what he is missing - I coudnt believe it, she did! Chris quiclkly cupped her breast in has hand and began to twiddle with her nipple, I did the same with the other - she absolutley loved it - even starting to moan a little. Nothing much more could happen - we were in a pub after all and at the end of the night we agreed to try to sort a hotel meet in a few weeks. As we were about to leave she got her tits out one more time and Chris had a suck of her nipples. We got home and shagged like rabbits - Mrs all the time talking about how much she had loved two guys hands on her, and also how much she had loved the look in my eyes.

We bought a web cam and mrs played and chatted on SH several times really enjoying watching guys cum on cam when she was playing with toys.

We asked my sister if she could have the kids overnight - so that we could have a weekend away and she agreed.

We got back in touch with Chris and asked him he would like to meet again, he said yes and we booked a hotel in Oxford. The lead up to the weekend was really sexy, lots of sex, lots of cam, it was great.

We met Chris for a drink on the understanding that nothing may happen, and began our usual talking drivel, after a bit Mrs said she wanted to go to another pub, so we did, then after a couple of drinks she wanted to go to another, it was then that I relaised she was working her way back to the hotel - several drinks and pubs later we were standing in our hotel room!

Wow, he whipped her top off and started to play with her tits, then he slid his hand dow her trousers and she looked a bit panicked - she quietly mouthed are you ok with this and when I nodded eagerley, she shifted her position and I could tell by the way she was moving that Chirs had slipped his fingers into her pussy.

Then she took control and undid his trousers and put her hand inside his pants and began to wank him - then she reached over and took my cock in her hand (I was wanking by now), so she had to cocks - then she took Chris in her mouth and started to suck his cock - she gives fab blow jobs and I was jealous, but not for long as she began to swap between us sucking one, while wanking the other.

Chris lay her on the bed and started to take her trousers off - she wouldnt let him - so I let her concentrate on his cock, and I took her trousers off and held her soaking cunt open while Chris slipped his fingers in. He wanted to fuck her but she wouldnt let him, so I fucked her while she sucked and wanked him off.

After a bit she lay on her back again and began to masturbate and said go on then cum all over me. I was transfixed and Chris kneiled over her and wankend his cock, while she fingered herself, and then he came all over face and lips, she licked her lips and reached up and took Chris in her mouth making sure she tasted and swallowed everything that was left. She had come all over her face, even a bit on her eylashes, which i wiped off on to her nipple. Chris stoood up and said, I'll leave you guys to it, gave her a kiss and shook my hand and left. It was exactly the right thing to do.

When he left we fucked and sucked and licked and had the hottest hhorniest sex of our lives - I came all over tits - she loves that and she came at least twice more.

Well that was all about 6 weeks ago, Mrs has been on cam some more, and we have just emailed Chris to ask if he wants to meet again - this time during the day, this time without quite so much alcohol - so Chris if you are reading this, look in your male box mate - Mrs S wants to suck your cock again.

Oh by the way she was right - it has changed our relationship - for the better - we are closer, hornier and more confident than ever before.