Written by Hilda

21 Mar 2006

Our first group sex experience

Colin and I (Hilda) have been happily married for over thirty years and have always enjoyed a very active and for-filling sex life.

We recently invited two of our friends to dinner, we have known them for twenty years, Susan is 55 chubby with big breasts, James being 60 tall and slim, after a very good meal with drinks we were chatting and the subject, as it does with good friends came around to sex.

Susan who was slightly tipsy confessed that she had always wanted to have sex with a woman, James commented “it would be ok by him as long as he could watch and join in”

With the general chat and Susan’s confession I was feeling very randy and my Pusey was gushing.

I put my hand on Colin’s leg under the table and ran it up to his lap; he was a hard as steel. I looked him in the eyes and he smiled and gave me a wink and a nod.

I was so turned on I turned to Susan and said “lets give it a try”, before should could say anything I leaned over, kissed her, my tongue went in her mouth, put one hand on one of her fantastic breasts as my other went up her skirt and caressed her pusey. I could feel the heat and wet through her panties.

We were soon all over each other it did not take long before we were on the floor naked and eating each other.

I hade totally forgotten about our men, I was on my knees between Susan’s thighs really enjoying eating and licking her wet shaved Pusey.

I felt hands on my bottom as they stretched my cheeks apart, then a tongue ran lightly over my anus, it was electrifying. Glancing up I was a bit shocked to see Colin my husband naked with his hard cock pressed to Susan’s mouth, he smiled and mouthed, “Let him fuck you”

It was Charles tongue that was now right in my pusey and his finger slipping into my bottom, I was so horney I said “Charles fuck me please”, he wasted no time and he went straight in hard, and he put a finger or thumb inside my bottom, I sucked Susan’s clit into my mouth and we both climaxed together.

That was how it started and next morning we were all sore but satisfied what a fantastic “party”

We intend to have many many more