Written by james

27 Oct 2006

My wife and me have for sometime fantisized about her being fucked by another guy, the fantasy has usually been during our lovemaking, and after a few drinks!

anyway a few weeks ago our fantasy came true, we were up in london for along weekend and were both a bit pissed having emptied the mini bar in our room, we decided to go out to a few pubs and clubs, we ended up in a club just off soho and got chatting to a group of people, 4 guys and 2 girls, we were having a really good time drinking and dancing, about 3,00am the club closes and we were on our way back to our hotel when one of the girls asks if we would like to come back to their hotel for a few more drinks, we did.

their hotel room was large with two bedrooms plus lounge, and basically the party really took off. it started with drinking and dancing, then all of a sudden one of the girls is being fingered whilst dancing, she stops dancing and then proceeds to give her dance partner a blow job in the middle of the floor. i look at my wifes face, shes not looking at mine, she`s fully concentrated on this guy`s cock being sucked. i ask her if we should go, she says not yet.

one of the other guys comes across and asks her for a dance, she accepts. there she is dancing whilst the other couple have by know gone to one of the sofas and fucking each other. the guy dancing wuth my wife whispers something in her ear, my wife laughs and starts grinning, she then disappears to the toilet, she comes back 2 mins later, gives me a small kiss on the cheek and continues dancing. all of a sudden the guys hand is up my wifes dress, and he is openly rubbing my wifes naked pussy, she`d taken her knickers off in the toilet. they both come over, she sits down on my lap and starts sucking this guys cock. by now everybody is at it, there are bodies everywhere.i get my cock out and slide into my wifes sopping pussy, she comes for the first time that night, after a while a couple of the other guys take an interest in whats happening with us three, one of the guys is standing behind me so i don`t see what he looks like, but my wife does, she is by now sucking my cock whilst being fucked from behind, all of a sudden she stops wide eyed. i follow her eyes to where she is looking, the guy behind me has got at least 9 inches, and he`s not even properly hard yet. ``go on`` i say ``spoil yourself`` , she doesnt need asking twice and starts to suck him hard, i have got to have this in me she says, they go into one of the bedrooms, my wife likes to ride cock and proceeds to ride this guy like theres no tomorrow.

it turns out that the people we met und to different clubs in london looking for fresh meat, it was our turn this night. by the time we were finished my wife had been fucked by all four guys at least a couple of times, i fucked her once, in between fucking, licking the other 2 girls.

the icing on the cake for me was my wife, after being fucked by two of the guys, (one after each other coming inside her), one of the girls licked her pussy clean.

we got back to our own hotel at about seven in the morning, had time for a quick fuck bfore collapsing into bed xhausted