Written by Jean and Dave

24 Jan 2004

I’m fairly small and slim and Dave has a well formed body and I consider him very good looking. We’re in our early thirties, and have a great sex life. Even after ten years of marriage I’m quite tight and Dave has to give lots of foreplay because he’s very well endowed and can hurt me if he goes in before I’m ready.

Dave and I (I’m Jean) have only once had a foursome, and that was by accident – I say once but it was a bit more than that.. Let me tell you about it. We’d taken a holiday in Goa at the Nanu Hotel – great place by the way. We’d palled up with another couple, Pat and Jim of our age and were spending our evenings in the bar drinking and talking Once we’d got to know them I could see that Dave fancied Pat and after a particularly good sex session I teased Dave about it. He said with a laugh “so what, she’s a very attractive girl” and continued “anyway I can see that you fancy Jim don’t you?”. “Of course” I replied, “you don’t mind do you?”. “Absolutely not” he replied with a laugh, “providing that you don’t mind that I fancy Pat”.

I didn’t give the conversation any more thought until half-way through the following evening when Pat and I grabbed our bags and went to the ladies.While we were putting our make-up on she looked me in the eye in the mirror and said “You fancy Jim don’t you?”. Automatically I replied “of course, and I suppose that you fancy Dave?”. She gave me a grin, putting her lipstick away and said “Come on, let’s get back to the men”.

When we got back, my mind was in a turmoil. The conversation we’d had was virtually the same as that with Dave the night before. The thought occurred to me that the men had been plotting, but then I remembered that it was me who’d raised the subject the night before so I tried to dismiss the idea.

It wasn’t until the bar closed and I stood up that I realised that I’d drunk more than usual. “Why don’t we go back to our room for a coffee and a nightcap?” asked Jim, to which Dave replied “yes, why not”. When we got to their room Dave Jim and Pat took the three chairs leaving me to sit on the bed. Jim then poured some drinks and when he brought mine he sat down next to me. After a little while I felt Jim’s hand on my leg moving up my skirt. As my stomach tightened I looked at Dave to see him watching me with his lips apart. As I stared at him, conscious of the hand moving up my thigh Dave smiled and gave an imperceptible nod. His eyes never left mine as Jim’s finger worked inside my panties and after moistening his finger in my now wet vagina, found my clitoris. I just didn’t know what to do, whether to pull Jim’s hand away or let him carry on – what will Dave think if I let this carry on? My mind flashed back to the conversation the previous night and realised that Dave could stop this at any time but he hadn’t. He seemed transfixed at watching Jim fingering me as my chest and stomach tightened. This, I realised, is what Dave wants. He wants to watch me as another man fucks me. “OK” I thought, “Let’s find out”. I pulled Jim’s hand from under my skirt, and while holding Dave’s gaze, stood up and slipped off my dress and sitting back down on the edge of the bed pulled my panties off. Jim stood up and while he took his clothes off I thought, in spite of being very wet, “I hope he doesn’t fuck me now because I’m not ready”. He didn’t. He spread my legs and went down on me, sticking his finger in me while his tongue worked on my clitoris. I was half sitting up with my weight on my elbows and my eyes were still locked on Dave’s. Conscious of the waves of pleasure beginning to go through me, as in a dream I watched as Dave stood up and without taking his gaze from my face took his clothes off and the sight of his thick erect penis gave my stomach a lurch.

Pat hadn’t moved up to now, she had just sat watching Jim and I, but now she glanced at Dave’s penis and stood up and took her clothes off, and the thought of watching Dave’s thick penis entering her added to my sense of excitement, but I was to be disappointed for the moment. Instead she went to the wardrobe and took out a jar of Vaseline and a huge dildo and took and laid them on the bed next to me, taking the lid off the Vaseline and went back to sit with Dave. As Jim dipped the tip of the dildo into the Vaseline I said “you don’t need that, I’m very wet already”. “Oh yes you will” he said as he laid the tip of the dildo against my anus.

I panicked then. I’ve got a tight vagina, but an even tighter anus. Dave has tried to have anal sex with me several times, but even his finger in there stretched me. “No, no” I cried “I’m too tight for that” as I tried to pull away. Jim looked up and said “don’t worry Jean, we’re here for fun, not pain” and held the dildo up for Pat to take away. I wriggled back to the edge of the bed and found that my heart was pounding as Jim resumed working on me.

Soon I was in a dream-like state. My eyes closed so that I could concentrate on the feelings running through my body as I began to experience the rising pleasure that I knew would cumulate in an orgasm. I wanted to feel something inside me and wished that Pat hadn’t taken the dildo away. “Fuck me, fuck me” I heard myself crying.

Jim stood up, and while still fingering my clitoris gently pushed his penis in me. I reached down to feel it going in and out and was dimly conscious that his penis while not being as thick a Dave’s was an inch or two longer, but he was only using an inch or so, and as he was actually removing it at each stroke I could feel it entering me each time he thrust. By now I could hear myself moaning and crying as though it was another person as he thrust deeper and deeper inside of me, and eventually I could feel it hitting my cervix causing my stomach to contract each time.

Again I panicked a little when he slipped his index finger inside of me, above his penis, stretching me and I cried “No, please no”. This time he didn’t stop but curled his finger upwards onto my G-spot, put his thumb on the outside pressing on to my clitoris and gently squeezed with a pulsating, massaging action.

I went ballistic. I could feel my whole body jerking with the most incredible orgasm that I’ve ever encountered – but Jim then stopped, and didn’t move until I started to climb down from the orgasm, and then he started again with his penis and pinching action again and I came again…. And again.. Eventually he stopped, but didn’t withdraw, just leant against me and as I came back to reality, Jim was still erect inside of me, but not moving. Looking to see what Dave and Pat were doing, I thought that they would have been fucking, but Pat was just putting down a video camera – and I realised that she had been filming the whole thing.

Dave was still staring at Jim and I on the bed., and I was a bit concerned at what he might be thinking. “Are you alright Dave?” I asked. He seemed to shake himself and then grinned “Yes, that was incredible” he replied. “You sure you don’t mind?” I asked. “God no” he said. Aware that Jim was still inside me, still stiff, I asked “You didn’t come?”. “No, he replied, that comes later”.

Pat touched Jim on the shoulder and said, “Come on love, give the girl a rest and take that thing out from inside her”, and to me ”why don’t you sit up and watch it come out?” and to Dave “You too”. As Jim slowly withdrew his still erect penis I could see that Dave was fascinated at watching it.

Pat put her arm around Dave and said “It’s our turn next but shall we have another drink first?”. And to Jim and me she added “You two can fuck again while you’re watching, I can see that Dave would like that”. “I don’t know if I could” I said. She replied “Have a shower now and you’ll feel like it. Jim’s got some more mileage in him” looking at his still erect penis “you could at least let him come inside you” she finished with a laugh. When she saw the contrite look on my face she laughed “Don’t worry, he’s on the Viagra tonight – he’ll come when he sees me being fucked by Dave, but he’ll need you again for that so go get your shower”. I suddenly realised that my body was wet with perspiration. Thinking about the Viagra remark I looked across to Dave and asked “You too?”. He nodded a yes with a grin on his face. Over the last year or so, we’ve been doing Viagra for long three-hour sex sessions. Dave doesn’t need it, but he generally comes after about twenty minutes otherwise. I’ve even tried it, but being tight anyway it doesn’t do anything for me.

In the shower I mused over the experience that I’d just been through. I’d really enjoyed it, but had a niggling misgivings about what Dave might think of me in the morning. I’d really been out of control, though he’d seemed to have enjoyed watching. After the shower I felt much better and went back into the room to see Jim doing something with the TV and video camera. Pat grinned and said “Dave says he really got turned on watching you being fucked, so we’ve giving him a replay while he does me”. “Should keep him stiff” she laughed. “It certainly made me wet and breathless watching you two – you really are pretty good”.

“OK lover” Pat said to Dave, “let’s see what you can do with that thing you’ve got down there” laughing. Pat lay down on the bed in the same position that I’d started in, spreading her legs and Dave dutifully got down on her, licking and sucking her clitoris while he fingered her. Soon Pat had her eyes closed with her face working and little moans were coming from her. She opened her eyes and said quietly “Let’s have your dick in my mouth” then as Dave started to move “Not you, I mean Jim”. Jim dutifully moved round the bed and presented his still erect penis to Pat which she started sucking. After a little while she pulled her mouth away and looked up at Jim and said “Don’t come in my mouth, save it for Jean”. Jim grinned and glanced across at me.

After a while, Pat’s hips started involuntary thrusting, and little moans and grunts were coming from her throat. Dave got to his feet and went to enter her, but she said “No, from behind” and she turned over onto elbows and knees. Jim whispered to me “Go over and watch it going in close up” which I did. I looked in fascination as Dave’s thick penis pushed gently against Pat, and then suddenly slipped in stretching the skin at the top of Pat’s vagina. Dave’s face was a picture as he saw it slip in.

Then Jim switched the TV and video recorder on and we were all watching me being fucked by Jim while Dave was fucking Pat. I was torn between watching Dave’s dick thrusting in and out of Pat, and watching the video of me previously being fucked by Jim. God, it was fantastic. I was getting really wet and had started fingering my clitoris when Jim came up behind me and half-lifted me onto the bad next to Pat and entered me from behind. Soon both Pat and me were moaning and grunting whenever there was a particularly violent thrust, but then Pat cried “Jim, please” and a little while later I heard a loud cry from Pat. It wasn’t until afterwards did I find out what had happened. Jim had reached into the bedside cabinet draw and pulled out a dildo, greased it with some Vaseline there, reached across and thrust it into Pat’s anus and started working it. After that, Pat was out of control. I could tell by glancing across at her and hearing her cries that she must have been going from orgasm to orgasm.

Jim turned to Dave and muttered “Have you ever done anal?” to which Dave replied “No”. “Would you like to” asked Jim”. “Well, yes” Dave replied.. I honestly thought that they were going to change over and Dave would try to put his thick cock up my anus – and I know it would tear me apart. But then when I heard a load wail from Pat and a “God, God that’s killing me” I knew that Dave had gone into Pat’s anus. I glanced across at Pat next to me and could see her face contorting, the sweat running off her and here hands clutching the bedsheet. I could see that her eyes were fixed on the video of me previously being fucked while her mouth was working as she moaned and grunted.

I don’t know if it was listening to Pat’s cries right next to me, or watching me being fucked the first time on the TV, or feeling Jim inside me thrusting his full length in and out, but another orgasm hit me – just one this time but Jim kept his thrusting up.

By this time I’d come down to that post-orasmic state where I was getting pleasure but was able to savour it. By the movement of Pat in synchronism with me, I realised that Dave and Jim were thrusting in and out in time with each other, gradually getting faster and faster. I could feel Jim going right in to the hilt with a full length stroke and I reached back with one hand to feel it’s movement. By now Pat’s arms had collapsed and she was continually moaning and her hands were clutching and un-clutching the sheets. Dave gave a cry “I’m coming” and Jim said “so am I” and I felt Jim’s penis with the hand, that I still had between my legs, repeatedly contracting as he pumped out his semen inside me. I could feel the semen on my fingers as it leaked out from me on each out-stroke. Jim himself pulled himself out from inside of me, and felt the semen running down the inside of my thighs. I turned over and looked at Pat, who had just collapsed sideways, trembling and making little noises, and I noticed the semen oozing out of her rectum. Dave said to me “Are you OK Jean?”. “Mmm..” I replied, “But I feel really fucked” and both Dave and Jim laughed. “Me too” said Pat as she turned over and lay flat on her back still with her eyes closed “God, that was good” she said with a long shuddering sigh. I looked at her flat stomach and thought about Dave being right up inside her, and when I looked away I noticed Dave looking at my stomach – having similar thoughts I wonder?

Both men still had three-quarter erections – I guess that was the Viagra. Jim saw me looking at him and asked “Would you like some more?” with a smile. “I don’t think I could manage it” I replied, adding “just now”. Pat and I retrieved our panties and went into the bathroom to clean up. I stuffed tissues into my panties to soak up the semen that was still leaking out.

As we said our farewells before Dave and I went back to our room, the thought occurred to me that Jim had not so much as kissed me, nor had Dave kissed Pat. A pack on the cheek and a very brief hug seemed inadequate in view of what had gone before.

But that wasn’t the end of it that night (or should I say morning?). The first thing we did was to have a shower before getting into bed. Dave then straddled me with no parts of our bodies touching and gently kissed me, then inserting his tongue into my mouth. As I felt his now fully erect penis brush my stomach I thought “Oh no, not now, not after all that”, but chose not to speak, but Dave forced my legs apart and push right up inside me. Normally it’s uncomfortable when I’m dry, but obviously I still had some of Jim’s semen as lubricant inside me. It was rape – but I didn’t care. If he still wanted me after what he'd done to Pat then it was OK. He made love to me almost savagely, not saying a word but looking into my eyes. Soon, his body convulsed into an orgasm and I felt him come inside me.

In spite of the strenuous night we woke early and lay together holding hands and looking at the ceiling. “How do you feel about last night?” Dave finally asked. “Here we go”, I thought, “here come the recriminations”. “We’d both had a lot to drink” I said, “I’m OK with it if you are”. “Yes” he said and was silent for a while. He eventually turned over towards me and looked me in the eye and said “If you want the truth I thought it was bloody marvellous”. “What, fucking Pat?” I asked. “No”he replied quietly. “What was bloody marvellous was watching you being fucked out of your mind by someone else”. “Then that’s OK then” I said then lay back for a while analysing just what I most liked about our experience. Finally, I turned to him and said slowly “I enjoyed everything that happened last night, even what you did when we came back here”. After a pause I continued “but what was best was being fucked the way I was by Jim, not just because I was being fucked but because you were watching and enjoying it so much”. “I know it sounds screwy” I continued “but I wouldn’t want to fuck someone else without you there in the room”. And I did enjoy watching you with Pat – especially what the anal did for her”. “You mean that you’d try it?” Dave asked. “For you, yes. But you’d have to be very, very gentle and stop if you were hurting me”.