Written by Postme

1 Aug 2006

This is an account of what happened in February 2004

We had our first trip to Ireland the other weekend, I needed to have a car collected and the price the car company had quoted for the collection was over the top, it was cheaper to go and collect it ourselves, and besides we had never been to Ireland so was a good excuse to go.

We flew to Belfast picked up the car and worked our way down to Dublin ready to catch the ferry the next morning.

Dublin is a nice City, full of character although at the time we went it looked more like a building site, houses and office blocked are going up everywhere.

We had booked a room at a place called the IMI via the internet, centrally located and just off the motorway. We had expected it to be a hotel, with conference facilities, that’s what it looked like on the screen and how it was described; it turned out to be just the opposite, a conference centre in the week, with rooms to rent at the weekend when most of the students / delegates had gone home.

The room was quite a shock; it was located on the ground floor, last in the row and was huge.

We had leather chairs, a large bed, sunken lighting, and a fantastic power shower. There was the usual tea and coffee making facilities, TV Etc we also had fax and internet connections.

We overlooked a well maintained garden, there was a small grassy mound set up with shrubs and bushes about 20 feet from our window and this made the area quite private, further along was a bench overlooking a small pond.

Squirrels were playing in the trees; I don’t know what they were doing out and about in February, probably enjoying 1 of the few sunny days like we were. Rabbits sat on the grass slowly eating there way through anything that looked young and fresh, a very pleasant view, only spoilt by the very thick net curtains hanging in the windows, so whilst I moved them, Chris made a hot drink. As we sat there our thoughts turned to food, this called for some closer investigation as we were not in a hotel we needed to go further a field to find a meal.

At reception we found directions to the local good food and beer establishment and on foot made our way to it.

A nice place full of locals, 3 large TV screen and several smaller quiet areas, one with an open fire.

We had forgotten that Ireland was playing Italy that day in the 6 nations, the game had already started and Ireland was in front. We ordered food and Guinness, only to be told that food would be served at half time about 30 Minutes away, but the first drink was on the house to make up for it.

We paid for our meal, and made our way over to the quiet corner by the fire, sat, watched the screens, and enjoying our first Guinness. It’s slipped down a treat but didn’t last long, so off Chris went for another round.

It’s fair to say on reflection that drinking on an empty stomach was not the best idea, and by half way down the second glass we were merry, and getting very childish Chris had slipped off his shoes, and they sat by my sling backs at the side of the table whilst we toasting our feet by the fire, Chris whispered sweet nothings in my ear across the table, and I gave him flirtatious kisses and nibbled his lip.

This is when my dare game started!

“Do you want another drink Chris, I’ll pay” I said.

“OK” he replied. I put the money on the table with my hand over it. “Just one thing, you have got to fetch them without your shoes on! I dare you.”

He looked at me, smiled again; “Are you’re getting horny?” he said, paused, got up and walked to the bar.

He kept looking at me, then his feet from the bar, just smiling and shaking his head, I just carried on being flirty; undoing my top revealing more cleavage, and blowing kisses back.

“That carpet is dam sticky” he said as he sat down smiling, “And I need to go to the toilet now I’ve moved about.” I ran my bare stocking foot up and down Chris’s leg, slowly getting higher, I smiling as I reached his crutch several minutes later. “Are you pleased to see me?” I said “Very pleased” Chris replied, with a big grin on his face.

I could feel the bulge in his trousers growing as I rubbed his leg with my other foot.

He leaned forward;” are those tights or stockings?” he asked. “Hold-up stockings” I whispered, licking his ear,” Would you like to know how they feel. ?

He moved his hands under the table to find my foot, it was gone.

“Not with your hands Chris!” I said shaking my finger at him, “now you go to the toilet, and bring back those little pants your wearing and hand them to me.”

He sat back in the chair, the smile had gone, he raised his glass, had another drink of Guinness. Looking me straight in the eyes, A beaming grin came across his face, “You first, you little cock teaser, Oh! And don’t forget, no shoes” his hand pulled my sling backs to his side of the table.

It was with some relief as I returned to the table, the ladies had at least been empty, and the cubicles clean, half time was almost upon us and the knives and forks had arrived at the table, along with another set of drinks.

“Well,” Chris said with a smile on his face, “You’re right, the carpet is very sticky” I replied, “No not that, have you got something for me, or have you bottled out?” “Oh you want this”, I said as I held a little black lacy Thong in front of him, he grabbed it off me looking round to see if anyone else had spotted them. “Bloody hell Julie, they are stickier than the carpet” he said,” You’re really enjoying this aren’t you”, “I’ll be back in a minute” he said as he left the table.

Chris didn’t look to happy on his return, no smile or grin as he sat down. “Something wrong” I asked. “Yes, the bloody floor’s wet, my socks are soaked and the guys in the loo think I’m mad, no shoes.” He started to smile.

“Well take your socks off; put them by the fire, you don’t need them till we go back”. He removed them, placing them on the hearth in front of the fire, “This is for you” he passed over a small blue package, “Arrr the item”, his targa pants, I knew they would be high cut ¾ back, that tends to be all he wears, when he wears any at all. He looks good in those, shows off his bulge nicly. Looking around there was no one paying us any attention so I tossed then on to the fire!!!

“Julie!! Those were my pants”, he said in a quiet and angry voice, and with that he tossed my Thong from his pocket onto the fire as well.

We both burst out laughing. Boy we were really pissed now!!

The food arrived just past half time and we tucked in.

With plates cleared away, and the second half started, no one was paying us any attention.

I started to play footsy with Chris, knowing what effect it would be having on him. He rubbed his foot up and down my leg several times. “Give it here” I said. I grabbed his now bare foot and placed it between my thighs. Looking straight into his eyes, I placed it under my skirt and onto my pussy.

Chris with his mouth now slightly open just sat still as I started to move about. Pushing his foot up, and down, my now very moist pussy, I licking my lips moving pleasurably, I leant forward, in a cool commanding voice said “Undo you fly”. I moved his foot away, moving my feet up his legs. His hands disappeared under the table, and I heard the sound of my instruction being carried out.

My foot came up his leg and towards his groin; it was stopped by something hard.

My other foot joined the first, now free of pants and zippers, I clasping Chris’s erect member with my stocking covered toes, I moved slowly up and down, squeezing just that bit harder as the mood took me.

Chris looked to be in another world, neither of us have ever done anything like this before. His eyes started to roll and close, I moved my feet faster.

Chris started to gently lurch about in the chair, mouth open, breathing erratic, his eyes rolling. I was getting more and more excited at what I, was doing and where. He started to give out low groans, I was sure someone would see or hear us.

“Harrah” the pub cried, people jumped up from their seats, drinks spilled over the floor.

Ireland had scored a try!!

So had I.

Chris looked drained; he sat slightly slumped in the chair breathing, now with a regular rhythm but heavier than normal. The once hard member started to soften but only a little.

Chris’s had shot his warm juices over my feet, and now it was running between my toes, the warm sticky feeling dribbled down the sole of my foot towards my heel making me hornier than ever.

I took a tissue and cleaned my feet, Chris handed me my shoes, and we quickly left.

Back in our room we stripped, Chris showered first and flopped on the bed, watching the end of the Rugby match, whilst I took my shower, “Fancy doing some photos Ju“ he shouted “I’ll get the camera ready”.

It was a long shower, I kept thinking about what we had just done, and how risky it had been, how horny I was getting

“You want another drink” Chris handed me a glass of wine, as I towelled myself off, “Thanks, now leave me in peace for a few minutes“ I said,

I put on my lacy French knickers, bra, and carefully attached my nude coloured pure silk hold-up stockings, a treat for me; I love the feel of silk next to the skin. I know that they are a pain to stop wrinkling, but so what; Chris was the only one going to see them today.

Chris was on the bed, eyes closed; strangely enough his cock felt rock hard again, I lifted it gently to my lips. I ran my tongue over his circumcised head, and down the shaft to where his shaven balls were moving in my hands, I sucked slowly until one popped into my mouth, holding it there, it started to moved of its own devices, then licking and sucking carefully, I moved back up the shaft, now play biting as I went,

I held his cock erect, and without touching it with my lips, sank my mouth over it, going down as far as I dare before it touched my throat, closed my mouth and letting my teeth rub against the shaft as I withdrew, I did this again and again, feeling Chris quiver and twitch with every new mouthful.

Chris by now had his eyes open and his hands working, playing inside my knickers he had me really wet as he fingered my now swollen lips, I could feel my juices trickling down my pussy, I had had enough of these clothes.

My knickers, and bra came off; leaving just my stockings, it was then straight back on to position 69.

Chris is so good at fingering me, I was quickly working towards my full orgasm, with two fingers pressing and working my clit and his tongue darting all over my pussy lips I hardly noticed the flashes from the camera Chris had set up.

Chris slurped my love juices and as I got wetter and wetter, I forcing my pussy harder onto his face with each small orgasm he had created, I could feel the main orgasm building in my body, so could Chris, he stopped “Time for some photos” he said forcing his way from under me.

He positioned the chair next to the desk with the TV, and asked me to place a knee on the chair, and the other on the desk whilst he took some shots and repositioned the camera for later; “Chris, how come you are still so hard?” I asked, he was still walking around the room looking like a flag pole!

“Well after the pub I guessed I would need some help, so I took a Viagra when we got back here, what do you think?”

Well you can see from the photos he is well hard, and it stayed that way for hours!

Now I don’t like being taken from the rear, I seem to have something in the way, and Chris always manages to hit it on the way in and out, and, well I just don’t like it, but it is Chris’s fav position.

Now I don’t know if it was that Chris had me really wet, the effects of the drink or the position that day, but the obstruction had disappeared.

He placed his hands on my hips and slid slowly, firmly, and very deeply up my pussy. I was so wet he hardly had to push, just the entrance and glide in. Starting with a nice gentle in out rhythm, he filled me fully before coming all the way out, mmm nice.

His cock was so big and hard it completely filled my love hole; as he kept pulled it right out, and then firmly shooting it back in again, his balls slapping my lips and rubbed up and down, as he grinded his hips against me.

He gave me a stinging slap on my left buttock, and squeezed my right cheek with his other hand.

He slapped me again, and again, each slap rocking my body, making each thrust of his penis seeming to go deeper than the last,

This stinging sensation was turning to a powerful drug, it was taking over my body, I wanted each thrust to be deeper, every slap harder, all my senses were heightened, I wanted Chris, desired him, I needed him, and I was going to have him!

He pulled my buttocks apart and I felt something cold just above my anus, it was Lube, his finger now started to rub the Lube over and around the hole.

I have only had anal once before and was forcibly taken by my Ex boyfriend, it bloody hurt, guess rape always does, but for 10 years now Chris has been trying, and never got this far.

Half of me wanted to stop him, the other half wanted to try with him.

I was so bloody horny, so up for it, I kept quiet.

With his cock still moving in and out of my pussy, his finger gently moved over my butt hole, and with a firm press he entered into it; he kept it still for a moment, then moved it in and out, I relaxed.

Over the next few minute’s two fingers, and then three entered, each time, taking the time for me to relax and get comfortable with the feeling.

I was a bag of emotions, I loved what he was doing up my pussy. The slapping was new for me, but such a turn on, and no one had ever taken time over anal like this.

He was desperate to do it, I was desperate he didn’t. What the hell do you do?

Chris pulled his cock out of my pussy, the three fingers worked there way out of my ass, as his cock started to slide up and down the crack getting covered with Lube ready for entry. I felt a sudden coldness as more Lube made its way over his head and onto my butt hole. My buttocks parted, I braced myself, stomach churning, the camera flashed,

I felt his head at the entrance. The moment had arrived. He pushed, nothing, head still at the entrance. He pushed harder, still nothing, tried for a 3rd time, but my hole would not open, I was to tense, it was all up to me now; If I didn’t relax it would never happen.

Chris withdrew stroking my cheeks.

“NO Chris, try again” I said in a low submissive tone, knowing I had just sealed my fate.

His cock started to slide up and down by my butt hole, and all too soon was at the entrance.

He pushed, nothing, Pushed again but this time kept the pressure on. I tried to relax.

My butt hole started to open and I could feel him slowly; very slowly start to enter my anus.

Flash the camera went again.

I waited, trying to feel when his head got past my opening, hoping he would pause before pushing his shaft fully in, waiting for the burning pain that I knew would follow.

He pulled out, waited a second then pressed home again with gentle force, I started to relax, he moved slowly in.

By now Chris was getting real excited his breathing has become shallow, and he started to pant, I could feel his legs shaking as he was getting more and more worked up. The loving stokes of my buttocks had stopped, and he moved to one side.

Flash the camera went again.

I tensed up, and out popped Chris.

He applied pressure for the 3rd time and started to go in. My anus opened wider and wider as I felt the head gently slipping in, my hole closed behind it. My stomach was full of butterflies, excitement, fear, anticipation. Chris paused, then more pressure, my anus started to open again taking the full girth of his shaft. He pushed again; I could feel the stretch on my hole as his shaft started to make its way up my anus, Chris paused.

I felt no pain, just a large stretch; the Lube was doing its job.

Pushing again, the feeling of him slowly sliding into my black hole seamed to last ages before I felt his balls bang against my pussy, he was now fully in, his hands still pushing my buttocks apart so he could see his triumph, to see how far he had travelled up the forbidden hole

Chris moved back and forward once before making his way back out.

I now started to relax, Chris pushed, his head and shaft moved in, and in one swift movement starting its onward travel.

“Go on my son” I hear above the TV.

Chris stopped dead, there was a second of silence “Fucking HELL” he cried

“What’s the matter Chris, DON’T stop now you’re in”

“We are being watched, look outside the bloody window”

Chris pulled out, and staring out of the window wiped his Lubed cock clean.

I looked up, turned to the window, and felt sick with shock.

Out on the grassy area, the one we were looking at earlier, with the bushes and the seat, well it now had happy rugby supporters from the pub sitting there, and they were watching another game, US !

When we came back we hadn’t given it a thought, but the net curtains were still pulled back,

I don't know if it was the flash of the camera, the site of pissed Chris walking round with his flag pole showing, or my open fanny on the desk that first caught their eye, but caught it was.

There were 3 young guys, in their early 20’s, all dressed in Ireland rugby shirts, looking straight into the room not 20 feet away, where Chris and I unknowingly, were performing a live sex show for them.

From there they could see everything, my pussy, Chris slipping in and out, the camera flash every fucking thing.

It all goes through your head in an instance how long have they been there. How much have they seen, did they see Chris sucking my fanny, maybe me giving him a blowjob?

They sure saw us trying anal.

Shit! Shit! Shit!

Now we had noticed them, and in good spirit they raised there hands and waved.

The one standing, pointed, and mimicked Chris fucking me.

They had obviously been there some time; the match had apparently finished some 30mins or so earlier.

They had moved the bench to get full a view of our window, and boy did they have a view!

Then it struck me!

The other two who were seated were masturbating, fly’s open, cocks in hand giving it a tug!!

The one standing, was just rubbing his groin.

“Go to the bathroom and I will bring you’re clothes” Chris said.

I paused for a few seconds, not moving. I felt shocked, surprised, excited, but angry all at the same time. These Guys had just seen me go through hell; I had just let Chris penetrate me; stick his cock up my ass for the first time, had come to terms with it, relaxed and let him do it again, and they have spoilt it!

“NO Chris”, I said

I stood up and walked to the window and in full view started to fondle myself, licking my boobs, twisting my nipples, and running my hand between my legs.

The guys just watched, I pointed to the one who was standing; he was rubbing his tool with his hands in his pocket, I gestured to let me see, without a second thought he slapped it out and started wanking like the other two.

I turned to Chris.

“What’s the point, they aren’t going to leave, and we will only look stupid, like a couple of kids that have been caught out. Obviously they have been watching for some time, they don’t mind us looking at them and to be frank, knowing that they are watching is making me even more Horny”

Chris walked over and gave me a kiss, a long deep throated kiss.

“Let’s give them something to watch” I said.

With that he started kissed me, our tongues exploring deep into each other mouth’s, fondling my breasts, and squeezing my nipples, when the chance presented itself.

I made my way down his body to his cock.

The guys by now new we intended to carry on and came closer, unable to see what I was doing below the window sill.

I started to wank Chris whilst licking just the end of his cock, his legs got more and more unstable and soon pre cum juice started to flow

“No Chris, get on the bed”

We positioned ourselves clearly in front of the window to give the best view, Chris working on my fanny, again with fingers and tongue, me sucking him off,

I sat up forcing my pussy onto Chris’s face. “Look Chris, the guys are at the window, that’s horny” Again I fondled myself rubbing my hands over my breasts, my nipples, now so sensitive they made me quiver as I touched them. I went back down on Chris.

I could feel the moment happening, Chris always curls his toes just before he comes and moves his feet to the side, his balls start to tighten and his cock gets just a little harder, he started to make jerking movements as he tried to hold on to just a little longer, too late he shot some of his load, it hits the side of my face. His warm sticky cum just hanging there defying gravity. I cupped my hand and rubbed his cum off my face and back onto his cock; it ran down his shaft and gathered in the well at the base of his shaven cock.

“OH SHIT” I cried, my back arched, hands clench, my head rises as another orgasm moves up through my body and left via my mouth.

I look at Chris’s still hard, cum covered cock, thanks to Viagra, and smelt his juices.

I don’t like the taste of cum, well not other’s that I have tried, but had never tried Chris’s; it looked kind of inviting glistening in the light.

Chris was working those fingers and tongue again exciting me like never before.

I looked at the guys at the window, I knew what they wanted, and I knew what I wanted.

I ran my tongue over his head, tasting him, still salty, but thick and creamy I tried again, mmm it was like salty vanilla!

I licking his thick salty juice off his head as though it was ice cream, I licked his balls, shaft and back to the well, but it was not enough, I need the juice that he was still holding, small amounts kept leaking onto his head as he released his hold then reapplied it, it wouldn’t take much to activate the explosion he was holding.

I looked at the window, the guys were still with us and from there movements I guessed they were still entertaining themselves.

Chris now sucking on my pussy, and using his tongue on my clit, raised the stakes. His finger found my butt hole again and pushed its way in as far as it would go, without waiting he forced in another, and another. I felt the familiar cold as lube was applied and a 4th finger entered, small in out movements started to rock my body, I quivered, it felt strange but exciting.

I placed my mouth over his salty cock and I knew I had to try it again; years earlier before I met Chris, I had given deep throat to the bastard that eventually raped me, but ended up choking before he came. Now I wanted Chris to fill my throat.

I went down swallowing; my lips reach there normal limit, but the urge was too great I need more, Spurred on by his salty taste I swallowing again, his shaft reaches the back of my mouth, my lips now on his balls, his head in my throat. I can’t do it for long but don’t need to. I feel a thick flow move with force down my throat as Chris lifted off the bed grabbing the sheets and moaning loudly, what satisfaction, my first deep action.

Looking at the window we still had at full audience, I turn on Chris and kneeling above his cock guide it past my swollen lips and up deep in to my vagina. As I fell on Chris our mouths met and our tongue shared what was in each others orifice, searching in out, up down.

I moved on and off Chris’s cock, moving backward and forwards looking for friction, wishing that I was just that bit drier. Chris now unable to do anything, other than lie there, just letting me grind myself to an orgasm

The camera just kept on flashing

I tell you I was in a different place that day it was fantastic, the bed bounced nicely, Chris was still hard, and my boobs were as sensitive as hell, and I knew I was being watched, it was only seconds before I came again, this time I collapsed on the bed exhausted and fulfilled.

After a while there was a knock on the window.

“Cheers mate, you’ve been great sports” they said before disappearing.

We watched as the guys picked up the bench and replaced in its usual position, and walked away.

I would just like to thank the makers of Guinness, The locals at the small pub, and Italy for loosing that day.

Also the Guys whoever they were for not reporting us, and to poor Chris who almost had anal.

All we have now are the photos and the memories.