Written by Paul

19 Sep 2006

Me and my wife Kirsty of 5 years had been invited to our friends birthday party which was held in their house, I work in a local club in town and couldnt get to the party until after midnight but was assured that this wouldnt be too late although be warned everyone will probably be pissed but me lol. Well when I got there everyone had gone and Tony's wife Sandra had gone to bed, a little too much to drink I was told. I noticed my wife flirting in the kitchen and dancing with Tony in a very different manner to her normal way as I had mentioned swinging etc. in our 5 years of marriage and she always said no it wasn't for her. The next thing I noticed was her rubbing her hand on his now large bulge in his trousers so I started to get really turned on especially when they thought I couldnt see them. When I got up and went in the kitchen for another bottle of lager they both jumped apart from each other very sharply, I just laughed and said you dont have to stop rubbing his big cock just because Ive walked in and I pointed to Tony's rather impressive bulge in his trousers, Just at that Sandra had come down as she had heard me talking and wanted to know who was rubbing what and said to me that if she can rub his cock then she is going to go one better and started unzipping my jeans and pulling them down to release my rock hard cock and she started sucking on it so my wife copied on Tony after she asked if I was ok with that. Was I ok was an understatement within minutes here was the four of us all stripped with me now fucking Sandra on the dining table and Tony with my wife Kirsty on the kitchen worktop, the women said that they didnt want us to cum inside them so we both knelt in front of them and they finished us off with the most amazing blow jobs especially as I could see Kirsty enjoying Tony's big cock, I couldnt hold on any longer and shot my cum all over Sandra's tits, We then swapped and fucked our wives after we had another drink this time we both came again after a long while up our wive's very sloppy wet fannies. If only I had finished work earlier. We plan to do it again in the next few weeks. This time all night with them coming to stay at our house.