Written by John and Zoe of London

28 Feb 2004


Hi I am John 45, slim, 5ft 9ins employed as a quantity surveyor. I keep myself fit with regular work outs and have dark hair with patches of grey. My eye are hazel and I have a laid back disposition. My wife Zoe is 40, size 10, 5 ft 2ins, with a good figure and biggish bottom. She has taken a year's sabbatical from teaching CDT in a local outer London Comprehensive. We have been together for 20 years and wed on the rebound after our previous relationships both ended acrimoniously. Our sex life is a routine 2 nights a week with me making all the advances. We rarely snuggle up and our kissing is restricted to the nights we have intercourse. I pine for an active sex life and Zoe can be a real turn on when the mood takes her which nowadays is very rare. The following is a true account of our friendship with a German couple we met this January whilst holidaying in Lanzarote. He was Konrad, aged 30, 6 feet tall, a handsome, military looking chap with a bristling moustache. He was a diplomat and was shortly to be posted to the German Embassy in London. his wife Marlene was 5 years older, a bespectacled, petite, blue-eyed blonde, with a delightful husky voice. Unfortunately her English was poor although he naturally being a diplomat on his way to England was fluent. We met them on our first night in the hotel restaurant and quickly became close friends. He was desperate for Marlene to improve her English by practising her limited vocabulary on English people. About three night after our arrival Zoe states, out of the blue, she would like to go for a midnight swim. This had been a fantasy of hers for some years. Konrad replied it was a common practice for German holiday makers to swim at night in the nude. Zoe said that was interesting as that is what she had in mind and were they going to come along with us. There was a quick nod of approval from both our friends. It was a balmy cloudless evening with the moon reflected in the slow moving surface of the Atlantic. We removed our clothes and ran into the sea. The feel of the cool to tepid water was invigorating. I swam a little way out then stood with the sea around my shoulders. Suddenly I felt a hand exploring my firm buttocks. I thought Zoe was behaving out of character that night when I heard a warm, husky voice say "gut, sehr gut". I turned and felt Marlene's sweet breath on my face. I looked behind me and Zoe and Konrad were capering, chortling and splashing each other like schoolchildren. We all returned to where our clothes lay on the beach when Konrad said it was their custom to towel dry the bodies of their swimming partners and not their spouses. We agreed to this. My hand shook as I dried Marlene's body. Her firm breast stood gleaming proudly in the moonlight. She must have been aware of my erection for she turned her back on me and pressed her body close. She caressed my manhood through her towel and when we were dry placed my hand on her silken haired velvet cup. I saw Konrad fondling Zoe's nipples, biting and sucking them until the were hard and protruberant. He was circumcised and rock hard. I noticed that he was not bigger than I was. Amazingly Zoe took his penis in her small hands and lowered her gentle mouth onto it and started to give him a blow-job. The last time she did this to me was in our courting days when she swallowed my cum and came out in a slight rash the following day. As I fingered Marlene she started to shake with excitement and grow very wet. "Ficken mir bitte" she said "schnell". I lay on the sand and she lowered her velvety vagina onto my swollen, throbbing tool, enclosing it like a glove. Her skin smelled of salt spray while her soft mouth clung to mine her tongue sinking deeply into my mouth. "Ja, Ja" she shouted and Konrad echoed this while fucking Zoe with frenetic enthusiasm, her face glowing with lasciviousness and enjoyment. I felt no guilt whatsoever even though we were not using contraceptives. I cupped Marlene's firm bottom and nibbled and puckered her nipples. Her movement on me was as measured as the finest poetry. She came in tremors stifling a scream. I moved her on to her back and re-entered her wet fanny. Her hands fluttered over my buttocks muttering words such as "Fick and Fontze". As she climaxed so did Konrad. I followed suit followed by Zoe. We lay spent of energy, a zephyr breeze massaging our naked bodies as we lay coupled under the starry sky in a state near to Nirvana. Later Zoe agreed that the meeting with our friends had released us from our sexual torpor and that we were more fulfilled humans as a result. Zoe said she would type her recollection of events on another day.