Written by Girls Fun in France

2 Jan 2010

Hello my name is Amanda and what follows below is a recap of what went on last August whilst my partner and I were on holiday in France with two other couples.

We have been together for over 7 years now and the two of us have always been away on holidays by ourselves. This year we decided to book a group holiday with some friends we have known for a number of years and we hired a large old converted farmhouse near Sarlat in France.

The first week was spent lazing by the private pool and enjoying the hot sun and local wine. Both the other girls, Julie and Sally who had been away together as couples on holidays lots of times before, went topless from day one and I joined in not wanting to seem prudish and being proud of my body.

The evening meal conversations at times turned quite racy with us girls bonding with our girlie chats and Sally letting slip she once had a girl on girl session when she was at college.

One evening whilst we were chatting & cooking in the kitchen introduced a dare game which we agreed we would play on holiday but Julie said she didn't want her husband to find out if it got too rude!

We discussed how we could enjoy doing stuff on holiday you wouldn't normally do when your at home.

Julie said it's a shame that she had never been to a proper sex shop -- Anne Summers shop yes - but not a more risqueé sex shop."....but were on holiday, let's go to see if we can find one when we next go into town".

The next morning we agreed that its sunbathing during the day and then early evening the boys would go shopping for more wine and beer at the local Carrefour supermarket while we go into town to supposedly look around the shops but really to hunt down a sex shop. Sally googled one in the region on her blackberry phone and she found one near Sarlat. "I hope it's a sex shop" she laughed "My french is a bit rusty and I don't want to end up in a Christian aid shop selling bibles!"

Julie taps in the French post code into the hire cars sat nav and off we went.

After a 20 minute drive we pulled up in the a small square and the sat nav said the sex shop is just off the square to the left.

It's been a lovely warm day and it's that part of the early evening where it's still hot and you can sit back close your eyes and soak up the sun and chill. Sally suggested having a drink in the sunshine before heading to the shop. We found a quiet spot at an outside table in a bar on the left hand side of the square.

We ordered a bottle of wine for Dutch courage and with the heat we quickly drank the wine and order another bottle. "Its must be time for Sally's 1st dare now" said Julie. Looking around and then to the table I see the empty wine bottle. Julie followed my gaze and said "Are you thinking what I am thinking?" Emboldened by the wine I said "Yes" and feeling a little bit tipsy now i told Sally it's her turn for a dare and she has to take her pants off and play with herself with the bottle.

Sally looked around and half stood up, pulled her pants down and handed them to me. She sat on the edge of the chair, slipped her short summer skirt up to her hips and spread her legs as I handed her the bottle. She looked at me and asked me to take off my pants as well and show her my pussy. I leaned forward and handed Sally the bottle and I pulled my pants to one side and spread my pussy lips. Sally parted her own furry pussy with one hand and pushed the neck of the bottle up her cunt. She looked at my pussy, licking her lips and proceeded to slowly wank her cunt with the bottle. I watched Sally wanking and saw her come begin to smear over the neck of the bottle.

I slipped two fingers into my now wet cunt and applied pressure to my clit with the palm of my hand. I noticed Julie has also got her hand under her skirt and was clearly have a quick rub of her own pussy. A mixture of the sun, drink and the thrill of being caught soon had us all near coming. Sally pushed her legs wide and thrust-ed the bottle in harder letting out a low groan as she came. She pulled out the bottle and told me it was my dare now and lifted it to my mouth and told me to lick her come of the neck of the bottle which I did.

"I need to get something now from the sex shop, something hard with batteries!" said Julie as she left some euros on the table for the wine.

As we entered the shop we looked around. As well as the shelves of toys and magazines there were a few the little cubicles for watching films and a small stage show watched through a coin operated slot.

We flicked through some magazines and looked at a couple of DVD covers before Julie says she is curious about the stage show. For a few coins you get to see a smallish woman with large nipples in a see through teddy having a play with herself. Back outside in the shop Julie said she thought it was all a bit tame. The owner over hearing Julie said that for a fee we could go out the back and see something stronger.

The owner led us down the stairs into the basement where there were about a 6-8 tables in the middle of the floor, some booths and a small bar at the back and a stage up front. There are about 10 -12 people down in the basement, mostly men, with 2-3 women. We were led to one of the dark booths as Julie chatted to the owner in broken French.

Sally is led away to get some drinks by the owner.

"Where is Sally going" I asked Julie.

"Off to the bar" Julie laughs.

"But the bar is over there" as you point to the small bar.

"Yes that's right but Sally doesn't realise that", Julie laughed again.

"What were you talking to the owner about Julie " I asked

"Just wait and see!" but Sally is in for a surprise!

The owner returns five minutes later with two drinks and says everything is ready and asks you if you're sure your friend wants this. Julie nods and says, "She will say she won't, but we know that she does!"

OK says the owner but we had to restrain her!

The small stage curtain was drawn and the small crowd clapped and whistled. The owner sat in between me and Julie in the booth and put his arms around us both.

As the spot light settled on Sally you notice she is tied naked to a gynalogical table with her legs spread wide.

She has a ball gag in her mouth.

Onto the stage walked a 'doctor' and 'nurse'.

The nurse poured baby oil into the doctors and her own hands and they began to rub their hands all over Sally's body paying particular attention to her boobs and furry pussy.

The doctor got between Sally's legs and begins to tongue her bum hole.

"I asked them to do that " said Julie as Sally's husband drunkenly joked he doesn't get as much anal sex as he would like and he wished Sally was more into bum sex.

The owner asked us if we both like anal and both Julie and I answered yes. He reached across and he pulled my hand to his crotch and pressed it against his large bulge through his trousers. I rubbed his growing cock whilst watching the show unfold.

The nurse passed the doctor a speculum and he inserted it into Sally's bum. He started to turn the lever which opens her bum hole up with each turn. This made Sally moan as he turned the lever. Next the nurse handed an electric razor to the doctor.

Julie turned to me and said "This is another one of mine"

The doctor ran the razor over Sally's pubes to shorten them and then began to apply wax all over Sally's pussy. As the hot wax is applied he turns the speculum lever a few more turns opening Sally's bum even wider. Sally groaned with pain and pleasure.

The nurse waxed away the rest of Sally's pubes and applied soothing oil to her completely bald exposed cunt.

While this has been going on Julie has pulled down the owners trousers and boxers and I have been wanking his medium sized, but veiny and thick cock to full hardness.

He stood me up, pulled down my wet pants, spread my legs, and lifted my skirt up and bent me over the table with my face facing the stage.I felt my arse cheeks being pulled apart and the owner began to push and stretch my pussy with his thick cock as he entered me and began to fuck me.

By now the nurse is wanking Sally's cunt with her fingers whilst sucking on her clit. The doctor is turning the lever and Sally's arse hole is spread very, very wide now. Wide enough for the biggest cock. "I think Sally's husband will easily be able to slip his cock up her bum this evening" says Julie.

The owner griped my hips and began to fuck me faster and I pushed back onto his hard cock.

The doctor now picked up a large thick vibrator and inserted into the channel created by the anal speculum. As the nurse inserted 4 fingers into Sally's cunt and as Sally began to buck into a massive come he switched the vibe on full strength making Sally come even harder. This continued a few more times as Sally's came again and again.

The sight of all this triggered the owner to spunk deep inside me which made me squirm as my cunt contracted and griped around his hard thick cock as I came.

As the doctor released Sally from the gynie chair the owner said you better go and help her off the stage as your friend's legs look a bit wobbly! Julie and I walked up to the stage and up the steps. As I walked I can feel the owners spunk dripping out of my pussy and down my thighs.

As Julie helped Sally down the steps to the cheers of the crowd the doctor and nurse grabbed me and span me around and pinned me struggling in the gynie chair. As the doctor held me down the nurse snapped my arms into the restraints and spread my legs wide and then strapped them in the chair wide open.

Julie called out as she guided Sally back to the booth "Oh and by the way I asked them for a few things for you as well Amanda" as she smiled and winked at me "But mostly I said they could try anything they wanted to do!"