Written by Terry

15 Oct 2006

My Name's Terry and I own a small engineering business in Belfast. Part of our work is in re-enamelling old cast iron baths. Last Friday night I had to make a delivery of a newly refurbished bath to a customer called Rory in South Belfast. I loaded the bath into the van and left my workshop at 7.30 pm. My wife, Cathy decided to come along for the ride, as she had nothing better to do. It took about 30 minutes to get across town and Rory and his wife,Enya were waiting for us. We introduced ourselves and Rory and I started to unload the bath, while Enya took Cathy inside to show her around the house, which they were restoring.

It was a bit of a struggle getting the bath upstairs, but eventually we got it to the top and left it in the bathroom. Rory and I went downstairs and joined our wives, who were sitting drinking coffee and chatting as if they had known each other for years. We all got on very well and although Rory and Enya were about 10 years younger than Cathy and me, who are in our early 40's, we found that we had a lot in common. Rory said that he and Enya were going out later to watch a rock band in Belfast and asked us if we would like to come with them. We agreed and headed back across town to have a shower and change our clothes.

All Cathy could talk about on the way home was how nice Rory and Enya were and how she wouldn't mind having a bit of Rory if she got the chance. I just laughed it off as a bit of teasing. We had a quick shower and Cathy put on a low cut white knitted top and a shortish brown skirt. She didn't bother with stockings, as she decided to wear knee high leather boots. She put on her new red thong to complete her outfit and we headed for the City centre pub to meet our new friends.

Rory met us outside the venue and insisted on paying our admission. We joined Enya at their table and ordered some drinks. The band was a Led Zeppelin tribute band and they were pretty close to the mark. Cathy and Rory took to the dance floor after a while and left Me and Enya chatting at the table. I couldn't help noticing as the night got on that Rory and Cathy were dancing a lot closer and I Rory had his hand on her ass as they danced. They even kissed a few times and Enya said," Will you look at those two ejits, they'll be shaggin next"

it was soon closing time and we left the bar. I drove all of us back to Rory's house in my car, because the other couple had taxied into town earlier. Enya went to get some drinks and Cathy sat beside Rory on the sofa. His hands were all over her now and they were openly kissing. Cathy cast me a few nervous glances, but I didnt mind. she was enjoying it and who was I to stop her from having some fun. Enya called me out into the kitchen to help her with the drinks and to put the Chinese carry out which we had bought on the way home on to plates. As she brushed past me, she touched the front of my jeans with her hand and said that she had noticed that i was getting a bit excited from watching the other two. I pulled her towards me and we started kissing. Enya responded by rubbing my erection, through my jeans and kissing me back really hard. After a few minutes she said that we should join the others again, so we carried the drinks back into the lounge.

When I entered the lounge, I could see that Cathy and Rory hadn't been wasting any time. Cathy's top was off and lay on the floor beside the sofa. Rory was biting and kissing her nipples, as she played with his very erect 7 inch cock. "Having fun" Enya asked, as she set the drinks down beside them, before leading me over to the other sofa. I sat back and Enya unzipped my jeans and freed my rock hard cock. she started wanking it and guided my hand between her legs. Cathy responded by getting up and taking Rory's jeans and shirt off, before dropping to her knees and wrapping her lips around his cock. I put my hand up Enya's skirt and found a very wet, shaved pussy, covered only by a very tiny G-string. I pushed a couple of fingers inside her and rubbed her clit with my thumb while she sucked on my cock and kissed my scrotum.

Rory removed Cathy's skirt and thong and sat back on the sofa. She mounted him and guided his erection inside her dripping cunt. Enya and I were soon naked too and got into a 69 position. As I lay on the sofa with my cock in Enya's mouth and probing her cunt with my tongue, I was able to watch my wife take Rory's cock up her, all the way till his balls bounced against her ass. I asked Enya if we could fuck, but she said that she wasn't going to take the chance of getting pragnent, but she would take me deep in her throat and swallow for me. That was all I could take, I shot my cum as soon as those words left her mouth. She did her best to catch it all and true to her word, she swallowed it all and licked any cum up that she had missed. I buried my head between her legs and licked and nibbled her clit until she came too and coated my mouth and face with her juices.

We both just lay there, gently licking each other's juices as Rory hammered his cock into Cathy. She was bouncing up and down like a whore and screaming for him to fuck it harder. Eventually Rory tensed and shot his cum deep inside her. Cathy milked him for all she was worth and as she did, she told him " Every last drop, I want every last drop" Rory slid out of Cathy and an amazing amount of cum ran out of her. She got on her knees and licked his cock and balls clean and even put her fingers inside herself and coated them with his cum, before licking them clean too.

I always knew that Cathy had fucked the occasional guy, usualy when she was out for a night on the town with her friends, or at a party by herself, but I never thought that I would see her behave like this in front of me. I wasn't complaining. Later on that night, Both Rory and then myself were treated to a 2 girl blow job and then Rory took Cathy to bed and fucked her again. I slept with Enya, but apart from a bit of oral, nothing much more happened. I was just too tired. We stayed over at thier house and left the next morning. We're hoping to have another night out soon with our new found friends.