Written by Richard and June

23 Apr 2005

J and I were to visit ‘friends of friends’. We had met them previously and we had known then that they were swingers. But as both of us being over 60, J and I were unsure whether they would be interested in playing with ‘oldies’. We met in a Jacuzzi (where everyone was naked, no funny stuff) with others of like mind in a very friendly hotel in Torquay. We were invited round then and were taking up their invitation.

They were a married couple who were a little bit younger than us. J was particularly attracted to the man here, call him H; and his partner had been making eyes at me from the moment we met; always a good sign. Why she was doing this is a mystery; I am old, a bit fat, not particularly well endowed and have grey hair. Of course I am attracted to a woman who is attracted to me! In any case I found D attractive. She has a full head of thick hair, blonde, a bit grey, light skin and a firm plump figure.

Our host H was a good cook and had a curry on the go, cooking slowly while we bought them a drink in a nearby pub. We got back to their place and the curry was just about ready but before we sat down to it H suggested that we got into ‘relaxed mode’. We were to stay the night with our hosts, sleeping in the spare bedroom, so we went there and took our coats and outside shoes off. We didn’t know that ‘relaxed mode’ meant dressing gowns and nothing else; necessitating a return to the bedroom to get appropriately (un)dressed.

We eat the curry and drank some wine and chatted, all the while I could see H looking at my partner’s breasts which were not too well covered by her borrowed dressing gown. He was getting a bit aroused and his wife, D, gave him a nudge that seemed to say ‘OK, go on then’ so he got up and knelt in front of my partner, J, and kissed her pussy! He must’ve found a spot because very soon she was holding the back of his head making sure he wouldn’t go away!

His wife, D, and I watched this with interest and then D went behind H and put her hand between his legs and massaged his cock until it was hard and then got him up and put his cock into J’s pussy. J didn’t object! They settled down to what seemed to be going to be a long fuck.

D came back to me and we kissed and got rid of our dressing gowns. She was lovely; very warm and ‘welcoming’ and I was very soon as fully aroused as possible. I moved my mouth down her body, appreciating and tasting her breasts and her thighs before arriving at her pussy which was wet, sweet and welcoming. D was agile and spun herself under me until she had my cock in her mouth; This was going to be too much for me and I managed to signal her to stop before I came too soon. So we had a pause to watch H and J.

H was kneeling in front of J and she was on her back on the setee with her legs held vertically, feet on his shoulders so that all of her was exposed to H’s attention, attention which he was giving vigorously. J was loving it; H is better endowed than I am and she was enjoying the extra size; being very vocal and mobile eventually losing control completely and having an uncontrollable orgasm. I know that she needs holding when this happens; so I went to her and hugged her from behind as she calmed down, H still hadn’t cum, what a man!

J said that she had had enough for the moment and that she would watch us play.

D lay me down and straddled me and inserted my cock into her pussy. At the same time she took H’s cock into her mouth, all of it, quite how I don’t know. H was standing next to us and holding J’s hand just to include her; J was relaxed, still trembling and happy.

D moved her head, making sure that H’s cock slid all the way in and out of her mouth; at the same time she was riding me carefully. She directed me to massage her clit with one hand and one of her breasts with the other. I was ecstatic; being able to give and receive pleasure at the same time. H was massaging D’s other breast.

D ‘worked’ us to perfection! H and I could hold out no longer and he filled her mouth at the same time as I exploded inside her and at the same time as she finally gave in to her own orgasm and rumbled her pleasure for all of us to hear and see.

We rested for a bit, had some fruit for a late pudding and then went to their bedroom. I wasn’t sure I could manage anything more but there’s nothing like an excess of female willingness to encourage a man! J was feeling frisky again and needed some attention; at first she found us men too soft so she and D started gently exploring each other’s bodies! This was a first for J and I could see that she was unsure; D could see this too and she restricted her exploration to affection and some support until J was relaxed again. There was nothing too extreme here; they did face each other and allow their breasts touch and this made both sets of nipples erect. This produced a compulsion in me to put my head in between their bodies and be surrounded by all that lovely soft breast-flesh; I was in heaven, and getting hard again!

I have explained that J and I were not experienced at this at all. J said she wanted to SEE, really see a good fuck! So D got on all fours and I entered her from behind; she was still very wet from previous action and she was excited at being so closely watched by J, whose head was about a foot away seeing and hearing every movement.

J’s curiosity spread to needing to hold my balls as I was fucking D. She wanted to see if they really got hard just prior to orgasm. She never found out though because I came very soon after that; the feeling of her hand on my balls was enough to trip me over the edge!

After I came, D was screaming for more so H entered her straight away and they fucked long and hard until they both came. I watched their facial expressions as they came and I think they were unaware of us watching at that stage; such was their joy in each other; H came with a grunt, eyes tight shut and face slack; D came with a visible shudder.

It took us all some time to settle down before we had showers and went happily to bed.

I wonder why this sort of thing is frowned on by whatever passes for ‘society’; it is wonderful fun, relaxing, enervating, and to be recommended unconditionally with one exception; it has to be done with the right people, trusted friends.