Written by Jake

5 Jun 2004

I don't know about the other stories but this one is 100% true. My wife Linda and I have been having a normal sex life. We have have been married 10 years now. Linda is 35 and has a lovely body with beautiful 36 boobs and a neatly shaved cunt.

I used to imagine her with another man and somehow the thought was erotic but I couldn't muster up enough courage to tell her about this fantasy. I have to tell you something here. More than seeing her gettig fucked I am turned on by thinking of watching her suck a good cock. It is just deadly to see your wife sucking a good cock.

One day we were watching a porno sitting next to each other in the couch with me slightly rubbing her cunt and she rubbing my crotch over my shorts, when I sort of brought up the subject.

In the movie one stud was getting ready to fuck the girl while the other one moved to her face with his dick in his hand. I asked her, 'well what do you think of this position?" She looked at me and said well it is nice.. and somewhat reluctantly.

We fucked as usual but it was somewhat ackward for me. The rest of the day went by and the night came and when we were in bed SHE brought up the subject. She asked what I thought of three-somes. My heart skipped a beat as I said it is ok as long as everyone is comfortable. I asked her what she thought. she said she agreed with me.

I was rubbing her cunt all along and slightly put a finger inside her and gently whispered to her asking if she would like to be fucked by another man.

She squirmed and her cunt lips caught my finger and I knew she shared the same fantasy.

She then moved close to my ears and told me how she would like to take a big guy with a big cock and fuck him.

My heart was beating fast. She said, "I know you like to watch me fucking anotehr man, Jake.." I said 'yes'.

I knew she had some previous experiences, I haven't asked her about it all but this time, asked her if she can tell me about one - one she liked the most.

She started breathing hard and came closer to me. She asked me if I was sure.. I said yes. She asked me if I would love her still. She then told me, "Jake you know I have fucked before but I have been faithful to you." I was becoming impatient.

I urged her to go on. Then she said one could remember one, in fact, could never forget one experience.

We were whisperign to each other in the dark and it was so erotic.

I then asked her to go on and tell me about it. She said it was a boyfriend she went with for a year. She went on:

"He was a big, handsome guy and I can't forget the first time he fucked me."

I was in a bar drinking alone when he walked in. He was tall and handsome and he straight came to me and asked if I would mind if he joined me. Well, to cut a long story short I was feelign lonely and was getting horny and when finally the guy asked me if he could take me back I said ok.

We went ot a hotel room and immediately went for each other. We kissed and after sometime he pushed me down by my shoulders.

I knelt before him and rubbed my face on his crotch. I felt a bulge. But I wasnt prepared for what to come. When Ipulled his pant and briefs down his prick sprang up.

At thsi point I interrrupted and told her to call it a cock.

She said yes cock and contined the story while rubbing my cock gently andplaying with my balls.

"he was big, she said atleast 10 inches and with huge balls. I ccouldn't wait to take it in my mouth and so Idid. I licked and sucked and licked and sucked and played with his balls> He was so hard and huge and his balls were heavenly. I sucked both his balls one after another while I wanked his cock. God, Jake, you have know idea how I much I love to suck a cock and how I admire a good set of balls."

"I then quickly pulled him to bed where we moved to a 69. He licked me good and I came when he slightly bit my clit and he came at the same time."

"Did you drink his cum, love?" I asked.

"Yesss.. every drop of it," she said breathing deeply.

I was at the bursting point. The thought of my wife drinking another man's cum was nothing like anything else.

She went on: "Jake I want you to see me sucking a big cock. I just love a good hard cock."

"Right now I want to suck a good hard cock while youfuck me.And I want you to sit and watch me take a good cock in my mouth. Oh jake, Ijust love cocks and balls."

She was wanking me and I came hard when she told me how she would drink the cum of another man.

Well, we are hoping to do it shortly. And I will tell you about it.