Written by j and h

31 Dec 2004

a real quicky...

I have an ad on here basically saying how much I like to watch and be watched. Well, I got an email the other morning from Helen asking me if I'd like to meet up for lunch. I'd been working in her part of the world and wasn't a million miles away, so I suggested we meet up for a drink at her local.

We recognised each other as I pulled into the car park, put our arms round each other like old friends and dropped into the pub for a quick drink. Helen was way more experienced than me, by the sounds of it, and was really relaxed and confident (the only turn on a girl ever really needs to master, in my opinion).

We had a great chat, and I got to find out a lot more about her, and the soprt of things she was into... basically, she just loved getting fucked by strangers, and I tell you, you couldn't blame them.

She was a good looking girl, with great tits and a very cheeky, knowing look about her. We talked and talked and, in a pretty refershing change from the normal way iot goes meeting a girl in a pub for the first time, agreed to go outside and find somewhere to fuck.

We got into my car, and straight away started to feel each other up... she was sopping wet and I drove most of the way with my fingers up her, and she, being the good girl that she is, got my dick out and stroked and sucked me...

We found a parking spot in a public park with a few cars about... Helen obviously liked the idea of being watched, as she got straight down to taking me in her mouth with a few guys looking on (this is still lunchtime...)

Well, I have to admit she was a lot more confident than me, and while I don't have a problem with being watched, I think that people shouldn't have to get upset about it when they're taking the kids to the park.

So, we went for a walk in the woods, me with my dick straining at the leash and Helen running wet. As soon as we were away from the crowds, I stripped her top off, so her great big tits were free and accessible, and made short work of burying my face in them. I gave her back her coat (it was pretty chgilly) and pushed her up against a tree and started to frig her pretty roughly. She came in about 2 minutes, really hard, and ejaculated all over my hand... good girl!

We walked a bit further, and talked about the things we fantasised about. I told her I'd like to find her lying naked in the woods and wankl over her, or for the role to be reveresed and for her to find me naked and watch me wank, but we were way too horny for games, and she just got down on her knees and started to suck me off...

Now all you guys will know that there's a massive difference between just shooting your load and a real orgasm, and how some blowjobs can be, well, not quite up to scratch.

Not Helen. She sucked the life out of me. I was buckling at the knees and moaning and stroaking her face and hair and came deep in her mouth in about 2 minutes flat... she greedily swallowed the lot and we kissed as I gasped for air.

A very, very good way to spend lunchtime. I'm looking forward to our next outing together. She's pretty bi, too, so any couples or girls who'd like to get in touch, check out our ads #34743

Be cool, be safe and have fun.