Written by Jason

1 Mar 2006

Terry had organised a meet at a pub out of town to which he was going to bring a girl from his office who, he said, was up for some hot fun with the lads. The evening arrived, and we met Terry and Kaye in the bar. She was well-built, brunette, with breasts to die for. What's more, she was very welcoming when we were introduced. The drinks flowed, and it was'nt long before Terry's hand started working on Kaye's legs and thighs. Les, my mate, was sitting on her other side, and joined in the fun, discreetly pulling her skirt up to the top of her thighs. Kaye started kissing both Terry and Les passionately on the lips, her hands carressing their crotches. Others in the pub were starting to take an interest, so it was agreed we left for somewhere a little more private. Behibnd the pub was a barbeque area not used in the winter, and it was here that our party continued: Having fetched a travel rug from his car, Terry spread it on a wooden table, and invited Kay to relax and enjoy the fun. She pulled up her skirt to reveal a small black thong, pulling Terry's head down to sample the delights therein. Les and I gently massaged her tits, slowly releasing them from her tight flame-red top and black bra. Being men of experience, we had already unbuckled our jeans and unzipped our flies, but realised that the only cock that was being fondled was Terry's. It was when Kaye pushed our hands away fron her tits and belly that we realised that this was a one-man show only. 'Sorry, Guys, I'm keeping Terry for myself...it's not everyday that a girl gets a cock that big to herself.' The cock in question was already jutting out of Terry's jeans, a real bramah...! 'See you later, fellas...!' were Terry's last words before he buried his tongue deep into Kaye's hot fanny.

Les and I both had respectable hard-ons sticking out of our pants: 'You remember that day on the beach....' : Les was referring to some bi-fun we'de enjoyed on a secluded beach near Clacton last summer....'Aha...I read you.' I answered. Yes, come on, lets go for it...I'm bursting!' So it was that we pushed through a hedge into a field behind the pub, and found a patch of reasonably dry coarse grass. A half moon gave enough light to make Les's body very erotic as he stripped right off; his cock was almost glued to his belly, and I had no qualms about joining his naked state. We initially sat side by side as we played with each other's cocks, but it was'nt long before we were in a 69; Les must have been really juiced-up, for it was'nt long before he pulled his cock from my mouth and spurted hot cum all over my face and chest: I grabbed his still-throbbing tool and put it back in my mouth sucking the last of his thick juice. His sucking had'nt brought me to a climax, so I asked him to wank me hard - after about a minute my hot spunk flew all over the place, and it was good to feel Les's warm mouth close round the dribbling helmet of my cock to take the last few drops.

We never really found out how Terry got on with Kaye; by the time we had drained-off a few pints of beer in the bushes and dressed, they had both gone from the barbeque area...probably to find somewhere a little warmer.....