Written by RIK

9 May 2005

I drive a truck for a living and spend some strange and sometimes exciting nights in some lay bys around the country. Some nights u can,t get too sleep for people parking in front of the wagon. but one night in Hull I was parked in the lay by at Market weeton and a couple parked in front of me at about 11.30 one night.I had my light on (red) and lo and behold they parked for a few minutes and then out she gets and wiggles round to the boot of their car and reaches in and fiddles about . It was dark but when u have a hard on yoo can see in the dark ( beeleeve meeee) She only had a slip on and high heel sandals. I sat in the cab with percy in my fist and watched her arse wiggle back too the car! HERE WE GO PERCY I said as i tugged him a bit! I was totally NAKED of course, Us wagon drivers have an excuse for being in such places!! So out i get, hard as hell and still starkers i proceed past the car and stand in all my glory for all to see! on cum the headlights!! I pull himm up proud. Placing my thumb around the base to keep him rigid I,m not massive but try as i might I just cannot get him to measure that 7inches, 6,75 is all i can manage but this girl was obviously impressed and out she gets. straight down and sucking him, headlights still on. she sucks really gentle but as soon as he gets into it a car comes into the layby and we hide behind the car while it comes past!!!!! it,s a bloody patrol car innit!!!!! fucking hell!!! I,m bollock naked!!! It stops!!!! asks the driver wot he,s doing here at this hour?His wife and me are hiding behind his car and the police tell him too MOVE ON! as there has been a lot of diesel stolen from lorries in here and their taking numbers and looking into it! her and I sneek round the back of the car and hide behind the lorry as HUBBY drives off!!!! The patrol car stays where it is and we are stuck behind the wagon with me in my birthday suit!!Her in her little slip and sandles and how the hell do I get back to safety in my predicament? My hard on had now totally disapeared? Luck favours me now and again and sure as hell the patrol car drives down to the end of the layby and TURNS AROUND!!!! That was all we needed! into my wagon we scrambled! my central heating was on and i shut my front curtains. we both were sat on the drivers seat but hard ons were at that moment the last thing on my mind. Are yoo ok? I asked the strange girl sat in the refuge of my warm cab? Yes ! she replies. Will he come back? I ask Slightly Panicking! Probably! she says rather disinterestedly. Would yoo like to have me sit on your face she ask,s? I try to gather my senses and being a horny trucker yoo know I would not let THE SIDE down so into the bed we get, her sitting her fanny on my face and my toungue getting to work. She gets up after a bit and turns around, 69 i believe? OFF we go pleasuring each other in the warmth of the cab!( still no sign of HUBBY)All of a sudden she turns to me and asks! did that frighten yoo or did u really enjoy it just a bit? the patrol car thingy I mean! Bloody hell I said! of course! scared the shit out of me! but what a fucking turn on eh? Do yoo want to get out and fuck me in front of the wagon? she asks. This girl was good! on the same wavelength as me! yes I says! out we get, cars start returning after the VISIT and we decide that if they cum past and look OK we will fuck for them on the return pass!!!! What a girl, she was as randy and erotic as me and I stood in her while a car came back and slowed right down! He watched and instead of just letting me fuck her she turned around and rubbed my swelling with the palm of her hand!If you have you know if you aintTRY IT! The car stops with his headlight on and out gets this little fat middle aged guy and out of his pants comes the biggest cock I have seen!! I watched as he rubbed it up and down her cheeks from behind and all I could do was go around and get hold of it and guide it into her! he started rough fucking her and boy was she liking it! he asked her if she (WANTED HIS SPUNK?) YES YES she shouted and boy she got it! Right up to the hilt!! I regained her puss just after him and was nearly eady myself when hubby returned! She pulled off me and jumped into the car, off they went! BUT they turned at the bottom of the lay by and as they drove past the spunk was shooting out of me like its never done before!! it seemed like gallons! I was just CUMMING AND CUMMING alll over the place! I parked there mevey time I visitedHull but have never seen them again? Have u ever been in a risque situation and eenjoyed it? yoo and only yoo KNOW!!!!