Written by anon

29 Dec 2004

My wife went away just before Christmas for a works meeting/party in the midlands. She told me that she was setting out to have a good time, and as I watched her pack her stuff I thought to myself that she wouldn't be taking any prisoners! She packed her black skirt and jacket, black bra, suspender belt and stockings, but no knickers. I asked her if she was planning anything, her reply was "i might be".

We have had an understanding that she can fuck around, if she tells me about it. This was agreed after I caught her being fucked from behind by a mate of mine.

Anyway, off she went to her meeting and I settled into a routine of domestic normality for the night, a few beers and an early night.

I was woken by the phone ringing. I answered it and a blokes voice said "Hi, is that XXXX?" (To protect the not so innocent)

"Yes what do you want?"

"Not a lot really, but your missus wants a word"

My wife came on the phone and proceded to tell me that she was rather pissed, and had been picked up, and was now on the way to her bedroom with a stranger who had chatted her up in the bar after the works do.

She then went onto describe exactly what happened to me over the phone. I will try to relate it word for word.

"We are in the room, he is taking me over to the bed. He is now taking my blouse off and has undone my bra. He is starting to suck my tits. Oh God, it's making me wet"

I could hear her moaning. I was, not surprisingly, getting a hard on.

"He is making me kneel on the bed, he is lifting my skirt up and spreading my legs. He has just put two fingers up my cunt, and........" a moan followed

"He is starting to lick me from behind,all round my cunt and arse, oh fuck, oh fuck, lick my arse, make me cum, you fucker, oh fuck yes"

The conversation died off, but I could hear that she and he were enjoying the moment.

I could hear that she was close to cumming, when the guys voice spoke again.

"I've just fucked your wife's cunt. She's really tight. She is still on her knees, and now I'm going to have her up the arse"

I could hear my wife say "No don't, you're too big"

A sound followed of the phone being dropped, and I could hear my wife start to say "No, don't, you're too big, just the tip, oh god, thats stretching me, oh jesus that feels good, all the way, put it all in"

I then heard her say "pass me the phone" a muffled noise followed, and she said" He is up my arse, he is at least 8" and he is all the way in. He's fucking me hard, fuck that feels good" This carried on for at least five minutes, until I heard him grunt and her moan, and she said somewhat breathlessly, "He's just cum bucket loads up my arse. Fuck it felt good"

She then said goodbye and put the phone down.

She called me later that day just before she left to say she was still sore. I asked if she had enjoyed it, and she just laughed and said "I'll show you later"

When she got in, I could tell she was still horny from the night before, so without much small talk, I bent her over the kitchen table and gave her cunt and arse a good fingering. She was still dripping with cum, the dirty slut!

My prick was straight out and up her arse. God, it felt good. Tight, hot and very wet. I fucked her over the table for at least 10 minutes, before I shot my load.

After that she went off for a shower, and we had a good session that night.

She still goes out fucking men she picks up. I don't mind as long as I get a go after.