Written by Stan

22 Dec 2003

Some thirty years ago my wife and I were living abroad.

As with many servicemen of the time I had a posting in West Germany. We lived in a bran new married quarter. We being my self, my wife also in her late twenties and our young two year old son.

My wife and I had enjoyed a mature relationship for a couple of years, but the tale I am going to relate, apart from being totally genuine managed to even stun me!

My wife and I were in bed at the end of a long and busy day. As was my custom I asked if she had had a busy day. Something in her throaty chuckle, as she replied, made me probe deeper. "I don't know about busy, that sounded dirty" I said.

My wife chuckled again and then replied "Oh no, busy is right, well, and perhaps abit dirty too" "How dyou mean?" I asked

"Well it's abit of both "my wife replied "Busy, and abit dirty...but definitely busy" she finished

"What on earth d'you mean?" I asked "Well, I suppose you might say that I've been busy, being dirty" I felt an exited shudder go through me as I continued "Have you had visitors today?" "Eh yes" my wife replied, "a few" The tingle in the pit of my stomache was bigger now, " How many is a few?" I urged her " ermmmm, well it wasn't all at once you understand and it has been a long day" my wife hedged, "How many?" I asked, somewhat breathlessly. " Just some of our friends" seeing my look my wife hurried on"Four of our friends actually" Briefly, this is the story she told.

Around eleven a.m. the bell had rang. On answering it My wife had found a firend of ours. He and his wife had een friends since our last posting and we all got on well together. My wife had invited him in and made them coffee. He was in charge of a group clearing out one of the quarters in another block and had taken the opportunity to pop in. They talked and drank their coffee. Slowly my wife said the talk had got flirtier, then dirtier until they had finished up in the spare room, naked humping the life out of each other (not for the first time). After they had both climaxed our friend got back into uniform and went off to search out his fatigue party. My wife re-dressed and went about her house work. After about three hours, the bell went again. On opening the door my wife saw another of our married friends, who should have been on exercise in the woods of Northern Germany. He explained that he had managed to return to camp to pick up some spare equipment. On calling around at his house he had found it empty, his wife and their four children out. My wife explained that they ahd gone on a unit sponsored day trip. My mate bemoaned the fact that after six days in the company of other men his wife had to be out when he'd got an excuse to briefly return to base, adding that they were supposedly on their way back to the exercise now but he'd called in to see if his wife was there. My wife had fancied this particular friendfor awhile as I knew, so it came as no surprise when she admitted that, after some small talk she'd let him undo her blouse and bra, lift her skirt and, undoing his combat trousers, slipped him hard cock into her welcoming pussy, locking her heels behind his waist as they moved together matching their thrusts until with a grunt my mate's cum spurted into her welcoming body. After a quick kiss and a promise to return my friend left. My wife showered then dressed in some fresh clothes. around 3pm another of our circle called. Also married he was also looking for his wife. Th two couple had been a foursome in the past. During that tme we had endulged in wife swapping. It came as no surprise therefore when my wife admitted that he had been the third, taking her into the spare room, where they had stripped each other and gone to bed together. The final one apparently had been thour name from upstairs, younger than us and fairly newly married. He was a right cheeky so and so always flirting and trying it on. He'd come down to borrow something for his young wife. My wife didn't have it so his wife had taken their baby daughter out to the local shops to get what she had wanted. As soon as she had left her hubby had come back down. My wife invited him in, he started flirting with her straight off making jokes and making my wife laugh. Although she couldn't say why, my wife admitted that when he had started trying to touch her body, she had let him, responding by getting his cock out and caressing it. He apparently had stopped her saying that he didn't want to waste what he felt coming! My wife confided that she was excited by his eagerness and had said that that would ave been a shame as she let him push her back onto the sofa, and welcomed his thrusting stiffness into her moist welcoming body, letting him pump into her as she met his thrusts with her own until shortly afterwards she felt him tense and pump his climax into her where it mingled with her own as she too climaxed.

The story had got me randy as hell! needless to say the total for that day finished at five!