Written by Sarah Jane

6 Jun 2004

Hi, me and my boyfreind like to read the stories posted here and thourght we would add our own little bit of fun today.

I've been pestering my boyfreind Paul to paint the bathroom for weeks without success. So i suggested today we paint it together and make it alittle interesting by doing it nude and occasionally enjoying alittle fun along the way.

Ever tried painting a room nude? try it...it's so erotic.

Im pleased to say that Paul and i couldn't resist each other for very long and ended up doing naughty things we haven't done before.

I have to say i got so horny when Paul sat on the edge of the bath and placed me over his knees and began to spank me and because the bathroom had been emptied of furniture and curtains for painting the sound of his firm hand lashing against my flesh echoed throughout the bathroom. I begged him to spank me harder...which he did. The echo of his firm hand against me made the experience more erotic. My buttocks, as you would expect, were left very red.

And so we would get back to painting the walls, with me bending down, completely naked, to occasionally stir the paint and expose my swallon labia to Paul. He loved it and would be wanking his cock with one hand while painting with the other.

It wasn't long before i got my boyfreind to sit on the edge of the bath, and i knelt in front of him to give his swallon cock a good lick and suck...fully expecting a salty load to the back of my throat, when he suggested that he "paint my face" with his hot creamy milk.

Good idea i thourght, as it fits in with the whole scenerio of decorating the bathroom nude!

Kneeding Pauls balls with one hand and holding on to his stem with the other i licked and sucked on his engorged knob.....and a big 9" cock and head it is too.

Paul told me he was ready to cum, so i leaned my head back, let my hand brush my long hair back from my eyes and opened my mouth ready to recieve. Paul wanked his massive tool above my face ocassionally hitting his huge cock head against my lips and open mouth. Wanking furiously Paul groaned and holding his cock tightly let it shoot a huge jet of spunk across my face from my chin to my forehead. He shot another jet of hot cream again and again until my face was covered in his love juice. Then using his cock as a tool he rubbed the sticky goo throughly into my face before letting me suck and lick him clean of any remaining sperm.

We have had lots of fun painting the bathroom this year and we eventually got it done in between all the sex games. We even ended up painting each other with watered down emulsion before Paul gave my pussy a good seeing to when he lent me over the bath and fucked my cunt from behind.