Written by Dan

14 Jan 2005

Pam felt that she was not getting as much out of loving and life as she could. She enjoyed letting her boyfriend play with her and had climaxed a couple of times when he had been inside her but, listening to her (girl) friends they seemed to get so much more pleasure and excitement from their boyfriends. She wanted to ask them but was afraid that her ignorance would only produce sarcasm from them.

Eventually, she heard about ‘Swinging Heaven’ and looked it up on the web. Her first impression was that here was a bunch of people so far ahead of her that they would be the same as her girlfriends. However, she thought, it won’t hurt to put in an advert to see what replies I get.

She was surprised at the number but taken aback with what they were proposing for her to do. No, she wasn’t going to be the filling in a sandwich of some swinging couple. Equally, she didn’t want to be gang banged by three or four guys. Somewhere at the bottom of the responders, she came across ‘Dan’ describing himself as a ‘dirty old man’ willing to introduce her to better loving. It didn’t sound like her ideal but what the heck! She replied to him asking what he could do for her. His ideas sounded OK and so, after many emails, she agreed to meet him at a hotel where he would book a room.

She arrived and went into the bar. She sat down but couldn’t see anyone who might be Dan. Just then, a tall man, dressed in a suit came in. He was no picture; balding hair with what was left cropped short. “Oh my goodness” thought Pam, this can’t be Dan. The man looked round and seeing Pam, walked across to her and said, “You must be Pam ‘cos you’re the prettiest girl here. I’m Dan”.

Pam swallowed. Dan wasn’t as she had imagined him but he had a pleasant smile and she thought, “let’s see how the evening progresses, I can always walk away if necessary”

“Hallo, Dan, yes, I’m Pam” They shook hands and Dan waved to a waiter who came and asked them for their drinks. Pam normally drank an average amount but felt that she didn’t want to allow herself to get drunk.

“Just an orange juice please”

“and a Gin & tonic for me please”

The waiter went away and Pam and Dan sat looking at each other.

“Well, Pam, I didn’t expect someone so pretty. I have a nasty feeling that I might not be quite what I was expecting.”

“No, no” Pam started to say but Dan quietly laid his hand on her arm and put his finger to his lips.

“Pam, you don’t have to lie. I know I’m not the handsomest man in the world but I’m pleased with the jealous looks I’m getting from the other dirty old men in the bar.”

Pam glanced round and several men looked away.

The waiter came with their drinks. They silently toasted each other and sipped at them.

“Pam, what about going up to the room I’ve booked, we can talk more comfortably there and if you don’t like anything I say or do, you’re perfectly free to leave at any time.”

Pam felt Dan was a bit pushy but thought, ‘Well, I came here to learn so let’s see what he can do.’

They went to Dan’s room, which was a standard hotel room. A sofa, dressing table, a couple of armchairs and a large double bed. Dan indicated she should sit down on the sofa. Dan sat beside her and said. “What I would like to do Pam is to sit you on the bed and gently tie this silk scarf round you as a blindfold. It will be loose and you can take it off any time you want to. What I will do is very gently kiss your face, ears and neck. If you like that, I will undo your blouse.” Pam had worn fairly quiet clothes with a button up white blouse over a black bra. She wore a knee length red skirt. No stockings – it was too hot in summer – and white court shoes. She had on a new thong and wondered if it would be coming off.

Pam sat on the edge of the bed and Dan tied the scarf round her eyes. Almost immediately, she felt his lips caress hers. “If you don’t like anything say so. If there is something that you would like me to do then again, just say so. The purpose this evening is for you to enjoy yourself so don’t be afraid to say what you want me to do.”

Pam said nothing and felt Dan’s lips continue to gently brush all over her face. He kissed her ear and his tongue explored inside it. Pam gasped. “Didn’t you like that” said Dan.

“Oh no, it was lovely. I just wasn’t expecting it”

Dan’s lips moved down Pam’s neck.

‘Kiss my other ear please”

Dan pushed Pam back on to the bed and moved round to poke his tongue in Pam’s other ear. He was more forceful this time and Pam felt pleasure rising as Dan explored in and around her ear. He moved back to her mouth and slipped his tongue inside. All of Pam’s boy friends had done this and she didn’t find it particularly exciting.

“Kiss my neck,” she whispered.

Dan’s mouth traveled down her neck. She felt his fingers undo the top buttons of her blouse. His mouth began to explore the top of her breasts.

“You’ve got lovely breasts” Dan said, “May I take your blouse off?”

She nodded and felt Dan’s fingers undo the rest of the buttons and slip her blouse off.

Suddenly, she felt exposed and instinctively shivered.

Dan’s mouth immediately returned to her lips. “Pam, my darling, there’s no need to be afraid. As I’ve told you, just say no and I’ll stop.”

Pam relaxed and lay there for a few minutes. She felt the excitement returning and said, “I’m not afraid, please go on but be tender with my breasts, I don’t like them being squeezed or bitten.”

Dan rolled her gently on her side and quickly undid her bra. He shook her breasts free and said, “Pam you’ve got the loveliest breast that I’ve seen for a long time.”

With that, she felt his tongue very gently lick her nipples and then his mouth took in her left breast. Pam’s excitement was now getting very hot. She directed Dan’s mouth onto her other breast and pulled him tightly to her. “I thought you didn’t like your breasts being squeezed”

“Be quiet and keep doing it, like that”

Dan nuzzled away at her nipples. Pam was getting more and more excited. She felt Dan’s hand reach down and lift her skirt. His hand gently caressed up her thigh and briefly touched her crutch but continued up to her breasts. Pam sighed. She wanted Dan to do so much but didn’t know what.

“I would like to explore your bottom.” said Dan.

“Yes please,” said Pam and she felt Dan’s hand reach round to the top of her arse. He paused for a moment and Pam realised he was looking to undo her skirt. She unhooked it and felt Dan’s hands tug it down. He turned her onto her front and she felt his hand cuddle the cheeks of her bottom. He very gently pushed his hand inside the top of her thong and began to move it down

“Is this OK?” said Dan.

Pam said nothing but by her very silence acknowledged that she was being turned on by Dan’s actions.

Her thong was pulled down and Pam felt Dan’s mouth and tongue creep down towards her arse. His fingers gently touched her anus and his tongue licked round he arse. Pam suddenly realised she was on the point of climax and, turning over, pulled Dan’s head on to her crutch. Dan immediately pulled her thong completely off and his tongue slid into her pussy. Pam climaxed and Dan licked away all of her juices. He continued to explore inside her pussy with his tongue and Pam climaxed again. She had never climaxed twice before and just lay there thinking of nothing other than what was happening to her.

“What would you like me to do now?” said Dan.

Pam roughly pulled his shirt off and greedily bit and sucked his nipples. “Hold on Pam, I like it but don’t be quite so rough.”

She took no notice and her hand slid down inside his trousers. Dan undid his belt and unzipped his trousers. Pam eagerly pulled them down and grabbed his penis. It wasn’t as big as some of those that she had felt before but it was certainly raring to go. She bent down and began to suck.

Dan laid back and gently helped her head with the rhythm. Silently, Pam sucked until Dan pulled himself out and turned Pam onto her face. Dan’s hands raised her into a kneeling position and she felt his cock enter her. Again, she climaxed. Dan kept up a steady rhythm, which got faster.

“Have you ever had it behind?” said Dan.

Pam shook her head.

“Would you like to try?”

Pam made no reply but felt Dan’s cock come out of her cunt and ready itself against her arse.

Dan made no move but Pam; unable to control herself pushed her arse up against Dan’s cock.

His cock slid smoothly into her arse and she felt it reaching almost up to her sphincter. Yet again she climaxed and she felt Dan explode inside her.

They lay there exhausted. Dan was the first to move. Pulling himself out of Pam’s arse he asked. “Was the lesson satisfactory?”

Pulling off the blindfold, Pam kissed him passionately and sighed, “Yes, when can I have the next lesson?”