Written by James

17 Oct 2005

Hello all,i'm James and i work as a senior sales rep at a small but thriving

buisiness selling engineering components,i don't spend a lot of time at the

factory as i'm on the road a lot of the time,however i sometimes visit our

despatch dept to see what the situation is,and it is here that i first met

Edith.Ah Edith! A real big black woman,short and pretty,and always smiling

and joking,even her overall cannot disguise Ediths huge breasts and arse,she

is in her late forties and i am 41,she is married with kids,i am divorced,Edith

works on the shop floor as it where,while i am in a senior position.None of this

makes any difference as unbeknown to our colleagues we regually meet up at my flat

for electric fucking and sucking sessions.I know which buttons to press with the

lovely Edith,she loves to be pampered and made a fuss of,then it's anything goes!

I greet Edith at the door,she is dressed in a big flower patterned frock and white

jacket,i usher her in and we are soon canoodling on the couch after a glass of red wine.

Edith knows that on my big bed the large white fluffy towels await and i instruct her to go

to the bedroom and undress and then to lie upon the big towel and await me.Edith usually

covers her big bottom with a bath sheet before i enter,soon i am massaging her aching shoulders

and neck with warm aromatic oils down to the small of her back,kneading her soft flesh.Edith is

smiling like a cheshire cat and purring like one too and i occaisionally speak to her in a soft

voice to ensure she has not dozed off,usually she is in a dream like sate of pleasure and answers

in little moans and grunts.I am a good masseur even if i say so myself and my strong hands and

fingers firmly but gently apply relieving comfort to her stiff muscles.By now i have a stiff mscle of my

own,a big thick hairy white one that Edith adores the feel of.I continue on Ediths feet,then her calves right

up to her thighs,under the bath sheet occaisionally massaging the huge brown buttocks beneath,much to Ediths

pleasure,When i finally stop i instruct Edith to lie on her back,and as she does so her massive breasts come

into view,i then massage the big heavy mature breasts with oils,occaisionally pinching the erect nipples and

tracing the big goosebumped aurolae with my thumbs as Edith mutters encouragement almost inaudibly,i work

down her big round belly to her front thighs,the towel Edith has used to cover her modesty is removed and i

am soon fingering her hot bush and playing with her clitoris,Ediths cunt is soaking wet with the attention

she has had for half an hour.Edith knows what is next.i introduced her to sex toys some time ago and i have a collection

of vibrators and dildos ranging from a slim 4 inch vibrator to a huge thick 9 inch monster dildo that Edith

adores in her hot vagina,i love the way it stretches her hairy cunt to capacity,a joy to observe! First i begin

with the small vibro on her clit and then in her cunt,i call this one the magic finger and Edith loves it on her

clit,inside her and around her anus.I again instruct Edith to lie face down,no bath sheet this time,just her beautiful

big vulnerable arse,soon i am stimulating her clit and labia from this angle as her bottom rises to meet the buzzing

magic finger,soon i am teasing her arsehole and probing it with the small vibe,i know i have access to Ediths bottom

when she is this relaxed and excited.I took Ediths anal virginity early on in the relationship,how uncertain she'd been

then when i first put my large knob at the entrance of her arsehole,but she soon came round to my way of thinking and

i fuck her very tight back passage regually,filling it up to the brim with spurt after spurt of hot semen.

I always think it's so naughty that the hidden delights of Ediths huge bottom are sampled regually by a man who is not

her husband.

We progress now to the other vibes culminating with the biggest cuntstretcher of all,and Ediths greedy vagina swallows it all

as she cries out in excitement her orgasm racking her body,on her back again her huge tits wobble and shake as harder and faster

i work the 9 incher in her well stuffed hole.

When Edith has come we relax for a while.Edith groans softly as i whisper in her ear.