Written by James

18 Oct 2005

I recently took Edith away for a short two day break in Bounemouth,i had a cover

story for her to tell hubby already worked out,a short residential course

in stock management,it worked well and without much ado we where on our way down

to the coast.Edith as always looked a picture of mature full figured loveliness in

her colourful big yellow frock and matching cardigan,i could not keep my eyes from

her magnificent breasts as i tried to concentrate on my driving.At the hotel we dined,

and had a couple of drinks,then later retired to our room where i took a shower and then

climbed into bed to await as Edith took hers.On her return i was greeted with the sight of Edith

in a classy looking short pink nightdress,my cock sprang to life as she smiled and i pulled back the duvet for

the lovely lady to join me.We kissed as i directed Ediths hand to my throbbing cock and she began wanking

it slowly and firmly,my greedy hands where soon groping and caressing her huge brown breasts through the thin

cotton.Edith was then instructed to suck my cock which she does expertly,i watched her mouth move up and down

my thick shaft and groaned with pleasure.I then suggested that she remove her nightie,as i had something i needed to

do. 'What is that then' she replied with a glint in her eyes.'I'm going to fuck those great big tits of yours Edith'

i replied. 'Take it off and sit on the edge of the bed'.Compliant as ever Edith obliged.Ah what bliss! Those big warm

breasts sandwiched around my cock!I considered giving Edith a pearl necklace but i refrained and saved myself,the weight

of those whoppers in my hands combined with their softness on my achingly hard cock was almost unbearable pleasure.

Soon i had Ediths legs over my shoulders as i piledrived her hot hairy wet cunt with my big penis.Edith likes my cock

and dismisses the 'blackman' thing as a myth,saying on occasions 'if her husband had a cock as big as mine she would not be here now'

Soon Edith is sitting astride me bouncing up and down on my shaft as i steady her big swinging mammaries with my hands.

I then took Edith doggy style as she bent over in the armchair of the corner of the room,as i occaisionally made her big arse cheeks

wobble with a short sharp spank to each cheek,back in bed i fucked Edith from behind lying down,i felt her shudder and convulse as her orgasm

sent waves through her body,she howled so loudly i was afraid we'd disturb the other guests,but i carried on thrusting into her hot pussy.

As Edith caught her breath afterwards i produced from the bedside drawer a tube of ky jelly i'd placed there earlier,i looked at Edith and

smiled suggestively.Edith shook her head 'Oh nooo noo' she said weakly.I nodded still smiling 'Oh yes yes'.Edith likes to be arsefucked really

and pretty soon i am spreading her big cheeks and lubricating her tight brown ring with my finger very gently opening her up with a second and third.

Yet again Ediths tight arsehole recieved a stretching from my thick manhood,a wonderful pleasure for which i am grateful,knowing the lady will surrender

her bottom to the painful pleasures of my buggering ways.Soon it was me roaring with pleasure as i emptied my full sack into her bowels.