Written by hubby

24 Nov 2004

I am been married for 15 years. Always one to one , to each other no more or no less.

One day during we were sleeping. I was exhausted and sleeping , she woke me up and said I want to tell you something. I said dont bother let me sleep.

She said no you must listen. I said okay go ahead.

She said last week when she has gone to park for her exercise. Everytime she passed some particuler spot she will hear a whistle. She did not bother for couple of round.

Finally curiosity got better of her and she stopped on that particuler spot.

She looked in direction of sound. She saw a Young guy moved out of bushes, about 10 meters from her. That guy was wearing only vest and his shorts were down to his knees. He had really hard on and telling her to suck his cock by hand signals.

She said she didn't know what to do, so she just stood glued to spot and saw him wanking which took couple of minutes. Then she walked home.

While telling me above story she noticed my bulge and lowered my boxers.

I was surprised at my hard on . She started wanking my cock.

I just enjoyed the feel.

In between i asked her how big was the guy in jogger park.

She said I really don't know but I am sure he was much bigger and fatter then you.

She really wanked me and started saying , oh my god what a big one he had , really massive one.

With that I came all over her hand.

I had wonderful time.

Later I said will you like to fuck that guy in park.

She blushed and said she would not mind if I have no objection and I am round.

That gave me a hard on again and I fucked her then and there.

After her sound fucking she gave a Paper with mobile number

And she said that guy in park had put his number in her hand as was leving the park.

Not to waste a moment I called mobile and invited park guy to join in.

He joined in next 30 mts and we realised he was atleast 9 inches.

HE proceeded to fuck my wife pooja in all possible way as I relaxed on sofa and wanked myself through out the night.