Written by Cocklover

22 Jun 2005

A few weeks ago I scanned through the adverts and saw one from a blackman in his 40's who liked to have toilet fun and I saw he lived quite local so I dropped him an email and told him I lived nearby and was interested in meeting him and his large cock(he had posted a picture)and after chatting for 20 minutes about what we enjoyed doing he agreed and said to be outside the toilets around 11.30 on the following Monday and the days dragged by although I wanked my cock off several times each day thinking of that black rod in my mouth and up my tight arse.I even wanked off 3 times in the works toilets and I am sure some people heard me as I am always vocal when coming,but I didn't care.It was home time and as I sat on the train my mind was working overtime and then at last time to leave and meet my new blackman and my legs trembled as I walked along and I cut through the woods even though I knew people have been attacked I needed to get there early in case he thought I wouldn't turn up.I checked my watch and stood back from the toilets as a few men went in and out and then I saw a van pull up and out got a large strong looking blackman,was it him?He looked in my direction,looked around and asked if I was Geoff and I nodded so he ushered me inside walked to the end urinal and unzipped his cock and even though an old boy was still pissing next to me he asked if I still wanted to play and I nodded and the old boy muimbled something then left and then Leroy bundled me into an empty cubicle and stood in front of me pushed me dsown onto the piss covered floor and told me to blow him and I poulled his cock towards me and yanked the foreskin right back and the sweaty smell although overpowering it was a turn on as I licked round the helmet and then I flciked my tongue tasting precum and then he rammed a couple of inches in until he had it nearly all in and beagn to fuck me and treat me like his slut as voices could be heard from outside and the word gays croped up once or twice then Leroy told them all to fuck off and it went quiet as I massaged his heavy hairy balls underneath his cock I knew he would come soon and he picked up speed and goaned out loud as masses of white spunk fled into my mouth some dripped down onto my black shirt and I knew it would stain but I just wanted to drink as much as I could and once he removed his cock I had to likc it clean and he put it away told me to meet him next monday as he would take me back to hsi flat and fuck my arse all night.He opened the door and left me lying there covered in piss and spunk and a man around 30 came in saw me laying there dropped his trousers and called me a gayslut and proceeded to piss all over me before laughing zipping up and leaving.I am now a slut for any man 18-90 and will never refuse a cock.