Written by sue

15 Apr 2007

i was driving home from work the other day, it was lovely and hot. i parked up to take my shirt of as i had my bikini underneath. i sat for a while due to heavy traffic, just had a drink and had a cig. i jumped out of my skin as there was a loud knock on the window, to my delight their was a sexy 6 ft, brown hair and brown eyed police officer. i put my window down to see what he wanted. he said "do you know that your on a dogging site", i blussed and said "no!".

we then started chatting about the weather and such, just out of the blue he said "what a nice pair of brests you have", i blussed again.

whilst we were chatting he couldnt stop looking at boobs, then i noticed that he was getting hard by the bulge in his trousers. i then got out of my car and sat with him for a while on the bonnet. he was still staring at my brests and asked if he could feel them, i said "yes!".

we ended up passionatly kissing on the car while we slowly teased and undressed each other.

we moved into his police car in the back and had good hard sex for about 30 mins i was excerlent and wild.

he came allover my body and mouth, then he licked it all up of me.

we then sat and chatted for 10 mins and had a cigatette, by this time the traffic had all died down so we said our goodbyes, was the best ever time thati got stuck in traffic.

i was so turned on still when i got home that i pulled my husband into the shower and fucked him all over all nite.