Written by horny chick

15 Sep 2003

After Saturday nights escapade of passion yesturday I avoided C like the plague, I felt embaressed and because I didnt want my boyfriend to no what had happened with the man in the club and me with C,

Ten oclock last night my boyfriend rang me from the pub and said C was with him and was I coming down, I new then I had to go and face the music.

I walked into the pub and C was sitting with my boyfriend and his mate Carl, Carl had always fancied me and made that clear. I got a drink from the bar and sat next to C she just said hi where have you been all day. I made an excuse I had been shopping with my sister.

We all were chatting then C decided to tell everyone about Saturday night and what had happened, of course not mentioning me in it all. I was so nervous she was going to tell them that the man had shagged me, she thinks its funny because she knows how I feel.

We all went back to Carls flat and things started to heat up, C started flirting with my boyfriend, she was dancing in front of him and rubbing her hands all over her body, then she asked if my boyfriend wanted to see her tits, he looked at me and said "yes" she pulled up her top and started playing with her tits. Carl was also enjoying watching her play. she then sat on my boyfriends knee and asked me if I wanted to join in, I never answered, I wanted to see how far she would go with him in front of me.

She was rubbing herself against him, he just sat back looking into her eyes, then he put his hands on her big tits and started to squeeze them, she lifted up her skirt and un did his zip and they started to shag, it went on for a while until they both come.

I sat there watching and so did Carl. After C got up and put on her clothes and nothing was said until I was left alone with my boyfriend, he asked if I enjoyed watching him shag C, I said "yes i did" he told me that he wanted to do that to her for a long time and now to make his dream come true he wantsd to watch me shag Carl, ive agreed to that and its arranged for tonight with C watching us as well.