Written by GP200

19 Jan 2005

My wife Jane and I were at a party and had been teasing each other all day (sexually) and were both like dogs on heat - add alcohol and well.... you know the tale i'm sure!

Anyways it was past one am and we were very very pissed but decided to visit the small downstairs loo at the party for a fumble... anyways we had great quickie on the sink - despite a queue for the toilet !! We came out to cheers and a bit of ribbing...... and an older girl who had caught my eye a few times during the night looked clear into my eyes and winked..... hhmmmmmm...

Anyway 10 minutes later Janes friend was being very sick .... so Jane took her outside, and phoned a taxi and waited outside with her till it arrived - did the motherly thing and sent her on her way........

Meanwhile - I went back in the house for a drink and to mingle! - after 5 mins or so older girl came over and asked me plain - 'I assume you were screwing your wife in the toilet there? - erm well 'yes' i replied - embarrassed as hell. 'God that makes me so horny' she said.

Turns out she was a neighbour from the house at the back..... 'how much energy have you got left?' she asked. 'erm - well i'm not ready to go to sleep yet!' I laughed!

Anyway she took my hand and I must admit i was in a bit of a daze as she tooked me out the back door... to the patio where she whispered something to a man ... her husband!.... then she guided me back across the patio to where a couple of her friends were chatting.

She said 'this is Sue... she's joining us'. Joining us in what I laughed - still dazed by events and just going along with things..... She's joining us to have sex - stupid!' . I laughed nervously till i realised she was not joking.

5 minutes later I was in her house , naked and I have to say being screwed senseless by these two - who were both in their mid 40's - one blonde and one brunette. Neither were stunning - but boy they knew how to shag! I didn't last too long which was surprising as I'd already come 20 minutes earlier!, but I shot my load into Sue - the blonde, much to the disappointment of Adele the brunette who had started the whole thing. She told me in no uncertain terms i was not going till i'd cum in her too!

God! this was every mans dream surely - but I was so drunk! I was shagged out but after they started licking each other out - guess what I was hard again! I was a good 15 minutes till i shot my load for the third time.

We crept back to the party where Jane had been looking for me..... I made an excuse about just getting some air!... before she said lets go - i want a fuck again...... I had to pretend to be so drunk i fell asleep - knackered, happy but guilty - and a little sore!

Three women in under an hour - what a slut (stud) - if only it happened again!