Written by Julie andChris

22 Nov 2003

I dropped my wife off at a house warming party where she had done some work,shes an interior designer.....It started 2pm on a Sunday afternoon....I got a call from the girlfriend of the guy whos house it was asking me to come and get her , it was 11pm

When i got there there was only my wife and the guy and his girlfriend, they were all the worse for wear tho the girlfriend was relatively sober....Julie my wife was dancing bwith John the guy whose house it was..he was enjoying a grope of her bum sliding her skirt up as he was doing it and Julie wasnt objecting,the girlfriend didnt look to happy tho

I got her into the car,and off we set...she told me did she have a surprise for me......she got a hold of my hand as i was driving and put it up between her legs....she had no g string on and her cunt was soaking...and it felt creamy...she told me john had taken her into the bathroom twice and fucked her...,I stopped the car and put the light on her cunt was red and stretched and the contents of his balls were all over her skirt..I pulled my cock out she put it in her mouth and i stuck my fingers in her and pulled out globules of spunk....iput her on the bonnett and fucked the arse off her....this was the start of a new woman who loved cock.....everybodys...and i loved her to do it