Written by Reddiesel3

30 Jul 2009

I walked into the party,

A wreck with nerves,

Met the hostess

A short blonde with curves,

We chatted a while and she showed me around,

Showing me where all the action was found

Introduced me to all but a few of the guests,

and told me to mingle and chat to the rest.

A quick cup of my balls then she left me alone,

My mood now relaxed as was the tone,

The age group quite varied I'd say 30 and up

All shapes and sizes, straight players some Cucks,

Ladies all dressed up in not much at all,

Sexy short dresses, having a ball.

Then a leather bound goddess walk over my way,

reached for my crotch and said fancy a play.

Do I ever I said not believing my luck,

As I followed behind her in hope of a fuck,

Into a bedroom where 2 couples lay,

She asked if they minded,

2 more for some fun

One man said no problem as I have just Cum,

so she sat down legs parted and reached for my belt,

My cock now rising as her fingers felt

Then down came my trousers boxers as well

At first sight of my weapon she said "Bloody hell"

I smiled and I asked her do you like what see

Hers eyes had a sparkle saying I want that in me,

Her hands on my arse cheeks she pulled me in

Her mouth, wide open.

On my mouth a grin,

She sucked me and licked me and tried to deep throat,

If I hadn't stopped her there'd be Harry on the Boat,

So I pulled out my cock and asked her to strip

She did and my cock jumped at the sight of her slit,

She was shaven and swollen and glistening and wet,

and I lapped at that pussy for all I could get,

With my tongue on her clit a beckoning finger in place

She squirted and squirted all over my face,

Now I was ready and so turned on,

And like all swingers should found a flavoured condom,

thinking back now a flavour was not the main thing

just remember at parties your johnnies to bring.

All rubbered and ready the head I just placed

at the point of her opening and watched her face

A little more pressure and she let out a moan

Then possessed with the passion

I drove my cock home,

She screamed yes oh yes

You fill me right up

and my balls slapped and jangled

and my dick filled her cup

in this position I rammed and she writhed

Then I whipped out my weapon.

and went down for a dive.

She was truly soaking as I sucked up her cum.

Then I turned her round gently

and licked at her bum

She moaned with delight as I rimmed and I probed

Then she whispered but firmly

Fuck my arse but take it slow,

I turned at a tap on my back quite surprised

To see quite an audience on us all eyes

A man wearing nothing passed a bottle of lube

and I slicked up my cock

and the hole it pursued

then slowly and gently just as requested

I slipped the head in and there it just rested

As I hinted before I'm a well built boy

And wanted her pleasure as well as my joy

so once she'd adjusted and got used to my size

I eased the rest in and began to sodomize

I worked up a pace that she seemed to enjoy

My nuts soon tightened then much to our joy

Her orgasm came at the same time as mine

and I pump and I squirted for a fair old time

Completly exhausted I pulled out of her arse

She turned round and kissed me saying God that was good

and asked for a repeat if I thought that I could

Well it might take a bit before I can try

But I'm more than willing of course said I

And that is my story all written in Rhyme

If you likd it please comment

Or drop me a line