Written by scothighlander

17 Nov 2006

I thought all was done as we gathered ourselves together but just as we were cleaning each other up in walked Linda, my mates friend………..

She stood their initially looking a little taken aback at first but then asked straight out “ How about seconds then” and walked forward and wrapped herself around my wifes hot naked flesh.

They collapsed on the bed in a pile and it was not long before I saw lindas fingers disappear right up my wifes now dripping pussy. It was so exciting as this was the firsat time I had seen my normally shy wife get so out of control.

I asked if I could join in and my wife just nodded as she caught her breath after the initial hard snog. I went over to the side drawer and pulled out my wifes fav toy a 9 in vib.

I then slipped carefully onto the bed and slowoly began to caress Linda. My hands slipped slowoly down her sides and then down the outside of her thighs.As they began to assend again they slowly smoothed up her long summer loose skirt. And as I got closer to her treasure I could feel her tremble with excitement.

I teased her inside of her thighs as my wife began to stroke her clit slowly. I could see the hot spot glistening by the second and could not resist slipping the vib over the surface of her clit.

This really turned on both of them and as my wife grabbed the tip of the vib to give Linda some more action I slowly turned it on. Linda almost lept in the air and flew into a whopping orgasm that seemed to last for ages. She seemed to spasm for ever but we weren’t finished there.

Just as she thought she was spent my wife rammed the vib all the way in and turned it full on. She began to pump lindas pussy hard.

I saw my chance I slowly rubbed my finger in her cum and then started to rub her other hole. She began to cry out “no, no im not ready yet”

Then all of a sudden her asshole began to open wider and then she cried out “fuck my ass with your dick now!!!”

I did not hesitate and grabbed my dick and then placed my hand gently on her side and guided myself right in slowly at first and then right up the the hilt.As far as I could go.

My wife was getting really excited with lindas cries of pleasure and it was not long before she joined in to. She removed the vin from lindas pussy and it was replaced with my fingers as I reached around and squeezed her clit with my thumb as a finger slipped inside.

My wife then rammed the vib into her now soaking pussy that was desperate for more. She couldn’t stop and it wqas within a few seconds that I could see her on the edge so I rammed lindas ass as fast as I could until Linda came again. This sent myself and my wife off together for the best orgasm we have ever had together.

What a ride.