Written by Scatty Matty

19 May 2005

After the close media attention from the local paper, I was under no illusion that this place has to offer the same as the popular Rios. Naturist health spa by name, swinging venue by nature, the addition of a couples only night only adds to the obvious assumption.

Being a curious single male, I felt obliged to check this place out and it was all I can say well worth a skinny dip. When better than immediately after midnight on the stroke of the couples only night. Greeted kindly at the reception, I undressed my kit and covered my already hard mojo with a towel. Despite their being gorgeous barmaids it were the couples that caught my eye as I walked in and my intention could not be more vivid.

Within seconds, I was made to feel at home and I didn’t hesitate to get stuck into the deep conversations between three relaxed couples. Being the only single guy their, I had to make my self hot property and I did. Flirting, boasting and outrageous behaviour rewarded me a life line and got a few people in the mood .

I upset one couple(they left abruptly) which got me even closer to the sexy Laura and as soon as she sat on my lap I knew she was in my hands. It was her husband I had to impress most, so I got out the ice cubes and vowed the games begin. Passing them on to Laura allowed me to test the boundaries, the snogging and fondling was delightful and further more her husband Paul did not look the slightest bit bothered.

Acknowledging there is a rest room upstairs, my next job was to get the key and to do so an invite proves irresistible. I looked over to Paul and tactfully joked ‘how much further could I go’.Upstairs to the rest room we went and a blissful experience it was. A bit of shyness had dawned on a more sober Laura, but I could sense they were grateful before they departed. Still feeling greedy, I strolled into the sun lounge in search for another couple, it was empty so I lied on the cosy deck chairs reflecting on the eventful experience.

Already feeling fulfilled, I couldn’t go with out properly using the facilities so I plunged into the spa where I shared my forbidden fuck festing encounter with two eager single males who looked assured but disappointed they missed out. Paradise is a little place with great potential, it is very peaceful during the day but livens up at night with a spirited crowd of people.