Written by John the Rep

19 Dec 2004

Pat was the Branch Secretary at the Reading office of a cash register company that I used to work for. She was no raving beauty not helped by the fact that she wore thick lensed glasses. Like a lot of others they made her look rather dim, in fact she was anything but as she ran the office at any time the manager was out. She and I got on extremely well, we just seemed to spark each other off and in the end I asked her if she wanted to meet me for a drink one evening. She did.

The evening we met she had a completely different appearance with a nice blouse and black skirt, short as they were at that time, her hair down and improving her looks no end. I took her to a pub outside the town and we sat down and chatted. In short order I discovered that her marriage was on the rocks, she knew that I was married of course. She and her husband lived in a flat just off the town centre, Brian she told me would not be there as he had virtually moved out permanently. So, of course, that's where we ended up.

Pat didn't waste any time and led me to the bedroom where we quickly stripped off and lay on the bed. She took her glasses off and I could see that actually without them she looked quite pretty. I could now see that she had no breasts at all, she had a chest just like a boy. However it turned out that she was exceptionally nipple sensitive and I had her writhing on the bed as I kissed and sucked them. I slid my hand down as she opened her legs, I took a look and saw that she had a big triangle of dark, curly pubic hair and a very long-lipped cunt. Each assessed what the other had to offer and Pat seemed okay with my seven inches. As I caressed her cunt the lips opened quickly to reveal convoluted inner lips unfolding and starting to extend beyond the outer ones. There was a big clitoral hood which nearly covered her clit. This was about an inch long and fat, I teased it and she was soon gasping then asking me to enter her, "But put a johnny on," she said.

She proved to be quite tight and gave a marvellous feeling as I eased my cock in, "Right up!" she gasped, "Push it right up!" I obliged pushing it in as far as I could and trapping my balls against her bum. She grabbed me, her nails digging in to my back.

"Steady!" I panted, "Don't mark me, she won't miss that!"

Pat relaxed a bit and I commenced fucking her, she was a good fuck, well lubricated and pushing her hips up to meet each thrust, then tightening the muscles in her cunt as I withdrew. Usually with a new cunt I came fairly quickly, this time I didn't and gave her a good half hour of pleasure, then came, fiercely as I normally do. Just as I spurted for the last time Pat went off, her cunt opening and closing like a fish's mouth. As she calmed down she said, "That was wonderful, John, you were really good, I haven't had it for a long time."

Well that was just the first time and the only time I fucked her at the flat. She separated from Brian shortly afterwards and took another flat in a different part of town. I fucked her there regularly a couple of times a week.

Then one afternoon I found out that the following day I had to go out to Letcombe Regis near Wantage, right on the far boundary of our territory. I said to Pat, "How would you like a trip out tommorrow?"

I explained where I would be going, "I'll come round tonight and we'll work out some reason for you not being at work."

"Okay," she agreed.

I thought it might be a good idea if she went in, in the morning, then started complaining that she didn't feel well which gave her an excuse to go home. Then I'd pick her up at about two and away we'd go. It worked like a charm and three-quarters of an hour after picking her up we were in Letcombe Regis. Business transacted I then drove up onto the Berkshire Downs. The Downs have many 'Green' roads across them and it was quite permissable to drive up there. It was a really hot late afternoon and we found a nice grassy area and I parked the van. The van was fire-engine red and visible for miles and this nearly caused our undoing.

I spread the blanket I always carried in the van to protect the cash registers from damage on the grass and we soon got down to it. Pat was a great kisser as well as having a high sex drive and it never took long to get her going. Her blouse and rather redundant bra soon came off and as she felt for my cock I undid my trousers and she helped herself. It wasn't long before we were both naked, apart from her breasts, Pat had a lovely body and a cunt to die for. This time I went down on her. The lips of her cunt were beginning to part as I kissed them and then ran my tongue the full length, it opened like a flower. The big inner lips I pulled with just my lips and she loved it, turning round so that she could kiss my cock and then take it in her mouth. They say that a woman's cunt is related to the size of her mouth, I don't know whether that is true but Pat certainly had a large, mobile mouth and a her cunt was the same. Her outer lips thickened as they engorged as did the inner ones and she lubricated liberally, her soft cunt juice tasted lovely and I slurped enthusiastically. It certainly turned her on and she sucked my cock almost painfully in her pleasure.

I pushed my tongue deep and fucked her with it, she moaned and lost my cock as she came. Then I teased her big clit and she was thrashing about all over the place. "Do you want to be fucked?" I asked.

"Oh, you know I do!" she gasped, "Please!" she pleaded.

With us now both naked I mounted her enjoying the sight of her yawning cunt, red and slippery, oozing with juice. I put my cock between the fat inner lips and pushed, I didn't try to aim but it just slipped in and I started fucking. Pat drew her legs right up to her chest and my cock was ramming into her as far as it could possibly go with my balls banging painfully against her bum due to the force of my thrusts. God I enjoyed what I was doing! Pictures of her lovely cunt full of my cock filled my mind and Pat kept on moaning with pleasure. We kissed passionately, "Make it last!" Pat gasped and I was determined to obey.

I suppose I must have been fucking her for about a quarter of an hour, not at such a fast pace, when we became aware of a noise that gradually became louder and louder. Then Pat gasped, "Oh God!"

"What? What?"

"There's a helicopter up there!" I looked over my shoulder and within moments a small two-man machine appeared and then hovered over us not fifty feet above.

"Christ, hide your face Pat," I said and buried mine in her shoulder as I stopped fucking. I was still inside her and, even now, could feel the little thrills in the walls of her cunt.

"Don't come!" Pat pleaded.

"Don't worry, I shan't come. We'll just stay like this not moving, they'll soon get fed-up," 'I hope' I thought as the machine continued to hover. I risked a glance, the two men were staring down at us laughing. We stayed still, all they could see was my bare backside, Pat, apart from her legs, was completely covered. In the end after about ten minutes they got tired of waiting for me to start again and the helicopter drifted off, "Thank God for that!" I said and began to move again.

Pat said, "You didn't put a thingy on did you?"

"No, we were both too excited, but don't worry I'll pull it out, as long as you don't mind me spunking all over you!"

She smiled, "No, as long as you get it out in time I'd love to see you come!"

"As I said, don't worry, it's the way my wife likes it all the time, I'm well practised."

"Go on then." She seemed to have tightened up during the incident with the helicopter, nerves probably but it made the fuck even better. We were used to each other now of course and Pat knew that it would be like starting all over again and she'd get the benefot of a good long fucking. She was soon moaning and telling me how much she was liking it. I had one little trick where I pulled my cock back until it was almost out of her cunt, I'd then fuck her rapidly with just my glans before suddenly ramming my cock as far up her as it was possible to go. She loved that and implored me to do it again, several times. Then as she came I'd revert to fucking hard again.

Eventually I felt the sap rising, "Watch!" I said. A couple more thrusts and I pulled out, grabbed my cock, gave it a couple of strokes and came. I don't think Pat had ever seen anyone come the way I did. Even holding my cock down the first spurt went all over her face and most of the rest over what breasts she had before dribbling what was left over her belly.

She loved it, the spunk ran over her face, she did nothing, she was obviously having a low level orgasm. So I bent over her and licked it off and put my tongue in her mouth, she sucked it off and swallowed. "Like it?" I asked.

"Yes, I've never seen so much and I've certainly never seen anyone come like that!" I treated her to more from her breasts.

We lay and rested in the warm sun and she picked up her knickers, dried my cock and wiped the rest of the spunk away. "I've never been fucked like that before," she tald me.

"What? With two men in a helicopter watching?"

She laughed, "No silly, I mean ..... well you were able to do it for so long. I loved it." She bent over and kissed me. I looked at her, suddenly I realised that I was falling in love with her. I didn't say anything, it would have broken the spell, then I saw a tear in her eye.

"You know, don't you?"

She nodded, "Yes, I didn't want it to happen, it's not just the sex, you really are the nicest man I've ever met. I could have married you, but I can't, I'd never split up you and your family. Can you do me again?"

I could and did, it lasted a very long time indeed, so long in fact that the light was beginning to go when I came. She suddenly crossed her legs behind my back, she was incredibly strong and held me in as I emptied my spunk deep inside her lovely cunt. I was aghast, "What did you do that for?"

"I wanted to feel what it was like, I love you, I can't help it, I wanted to feel you coming inside me." We were very quiet going home, I went in with her so that I could wash. It wasn't the end of our affair, that came when she found that she was pregnant. She wouldn't let me take any responsibility, "No," she said, "I don't want to be responsible for breaking up your family as well, they don't deserve that."

The next time I went into the office she was gone, they didn't know where. I went to her flat but she wasn't there either, it was empty. I never saw her again.