Written by Alex and Pat

14 Dec 2004

our sex life was flagging - we had been maaried for years and alex was havingproblems 'doing it'. he had been trying to persuade me that maybe i could do with a good sized prick. he said thathe knew someone who would like to give me a good shagging as he had shown photographs of me to Mick who said that hecould dothings for me. The idea slowly started to appeal to me and I asked Alex to arrange it. The days was set and two days beforeI got a telephone call from Mick who said that he had heard all about me and was sure that he had a big enough tool to satisfy me. When he arrived at our house I was very nervous, not sure what to expect. We sat talking on the settee, Alex was also in the room. Mick put his arm round me and started to feel inside my blouse when I felt hishand on my ample tits a shudder went down my spine and when he started to twist my already hard nipples I was feeling randy. His hand went to my thighs and I opened my legs in anticipation. Pulling my G string aside his fingers felt inside my wet cunt and my juices started to flow. I eagerly started to undo his trousers and inside to my delight I found an enormous hard cock. I started to stroke and mylegs opened wider. I couldnt wait to have it all inside me. I suddenly realised what I had been missing for years. We both quickly undressed and were nearly shagging on the settee.

I suggested we should go upstairs and as we left the room with micks cock hard and erect I glanced over to Alex who was wanking with a big smile on his face. Once upstairs Mick lay on the bed with me beside him and I grabbed his lovely hard tool and gently stroked and licked it. I took the end into my mouth (I had never done this with Alex)and gently sucked. As the spunk started to form I quickly sat astride him and started to ride him, gently at first but then more urgently as I felt the lovely big prick inside me. It wasnt long before I spunked then again and again. My love juices flowed and Mick said he couldnt hold back any longer quickly got on top of me and thrust his cock deep inside me. My legs were in the air and wide apart and I felt what I had been missing all these years . It was marvellous and thrust deeper and deeper into my thoroughly soaked cunt. With a low moan Mick spunked all his load deep inside me and I was overflowing with his and my spunk. I knew that Alex was waitching everything from the landing. I didnt want it to stop but at last Mick moved off me . When we went back downstairs Alex was almost beside himself . Mick eventually left with a promise to return soon and Alex couldnt wait to feel my fanny with the combined spunk of mick and me inside. Mick has called several times since always ringing when he is on his way to ask if I am feeling horny and wet and I always am. I cant wait for the next time and I always hope that sometime we can spend a whole night together and fuck to our hearts content.